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• • 

VV ^fHUEN H* 6 * 

- - '^'' - '^ "':--- 

- 5 











Mrs. Magrath 

Mrs. McGrath comes from Western Mass. She had 800 peers in 
her graduating class! She received her BA from Merrimack 
College and then her Masters from UMASS Lowell and Lesley 
College. After teaching at MHS for 39 years, dating from 1972, 
Mrs. McGrath considers her students as part of her family. She 
has enjoyed the AP program and all the other teachers she has 
met through it and will miss her fellow teachers in the math 

Though she has noticed the exponential decline in manners that 
students seem to be developing, she enjoys teaching MHS 
students, because they can be reasoned with. Her students as 
well as any other who may need her help, have always shown 
appreciation for her willingness to assist them. While Mrs. 
McGrath still sees teaching somewhere else in her future, she is 
still proud of Methuen 's community and will miss the students, 
because they appreciate her as much as she appreciates them. 



Mrs. Moynihan has been a media specialist at MHS for more 
than 20 years, and also worked at various colleges and 
elementary schools. She says, "Of course Methuen High is my 
favorite." She loves the people in her department. She enjoys 
her job so much, because the media center is the place where all 
other departments visit. The best part of her job is that she gets 
to meet all the different students and works with many of the 
faculty members at Methuen High School. Mrs. Moynihan says 
her fondest memory of the media center has to be when they 
first received computers. Since then, her job has become much 
better and she is able to help students find many online 
resources beyond the books in the media center. She has high 
hopes for the new building and looks forward to hearing about a 
more updated library. She can not wait to go to Alaska this 
summer with her family and somewhere warm next winter! 


Mrs. Moynihan 


Mrs. Comeau 


Mrs. Comeau is a familiar face in the math department. She has 
been teaching for 35 years. Mrs. Comeau received her Bachelors in 
Mathematics at Salem State and her Masters at UMASS Lowell. 
She loves and has enjoyed her years of teaching because of her 
love for the course and watching the students grow and mature. 
She also loves assisting the students with their college entrance 
through writing letters of recommendation. Mrs. Comeau may be 
retiring, but she will continue working in the field of education, 
teaching part time at NECC. She is excited about the MHS 
renovation and what benefits the math department may reap from it. 
She recognizes how students have changed over the years, but 
believes that her colleagues will continue to influence and reach the 
future children of MHS. "It is rewarding when students realize the 
impact a teacher has had on their lives." Above all, she leaves 
MHS with the hope that she has helped her students succeed in 
both mathematics and life learning experiences, created an impact 
on their lives, and also with the relief that she will be sleeping in 
.after 5a.m. from now on! j 






If you've ever walked into NW1 1 , you may be familiar with 
some of the eccentric but endearing quirks that Mrs. Lohnes 
brings to the classroom. From the impromptu jogs around 
the classroom in cold weather to the pep she infuses into 
the Spanish language that she teaches to her students. 
Mrs. Lohnes has been married to her best friend, Ric for 37 
years, the mother of three daughters and a son-in-law. She 
is as happy in the classroom, as she is out of it. Mrs. 
Lohnes is fluent in French and Spanish and has enjoyed 
working with Ms. McNichols on the AP program. 
Language has a profound meaning for Mrs. Lohnes, and 
she advises her students to "take the time to learn another 
language and culture because it opens minds and hearts to 
the world." After her retirement, she is doing just that as she 
plans to take mission trips with her church to Guatemala 
and Honduras. As she gets ready to leave, she notices the 
declining attitude that students have toward their time in 
school, but she leaves MHS with her faith resting in her well 
trusted colleagues, who have given her a daily dose of 
positive energy and hope for the future. 





Miss Townsend graduated from UMASS Amherst. She has 
two children and a five year old granddaughter. Miss 
Townsend joined the Methuen school system in 1974 and 
taught at the high school, CGS, and Marsh for their opening 
years and went to the Timony both as a student and a 
teacher. Miss Townsend loves the kids and her area of 
expertise and its relationship to life skills. The fondest 
memory she has is having past students come back to visit 
and share their lives and families with her. She will miss the 
laughter of the kids, all that they have taught her, and their 
willingness to learn and share. Her biggest contributions to 
our school have been her smile, her openness, and her life 
stories. She says "There is nothing you can say that will 
shock me, because I have seen it all." She hopes that the 
family consumer science department remains an important 
component in the school, because it teaches kids necessary 
life skills. The biggest changes that Miss Townsend has seen 
while working in MHS is the increase in class size and 
additional walls. After her retirement, she intends to start a 
business, travel on her motorcycle, relax, and enjoy life. Her 
final message to everyone is to be proud of your school and 
Methuen kids are good and kind kids. "I will always cherish 
my days in Methuen I will always be proud to say that I loved 
teaching in Methuen!" 


On behalf of the MHS family, ^ 
the yearbook staff would like to 
extend gratitude to our 201 1 
retirees for all of their years of 
dedication to their countless 
students and colleagues. We 
will truly miss you all. We wish 
you all the best in your 


Miss Townsend 


W I 

"Don't sit and cry. Just sit and try." 

-Edward Jude Thaddeus Jennings, 

English Department 

Danny Abourjeili 

"H.BENT." -H.B 

Zachary Aqlietti 

I'm not late, I'm just not on time." 

Ultimate Frisbee, Airsoft 

Nebal Al-Taweel 


Ramy Al-Taweel 

National Honors Society, National 

Science Honors Society, National 

History Honors Society, Dream 

Factory (President), Students Helping 

Others, Best Buddies (Treasurer), 

Peer Leaders 

Shannon Allen 

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is 

genius, and it's better to be absolutely 

ridiculous than absolutely boring." 

Varsity Softball, Volleyball, Choir 

Sabrina Almeida 

"Live life to the fullest. 


Adopt-a-Grandparent, Drama Club, 

Justin Ames 

"Pain is weakness leaving the body.' 


JROTC, Baseball 

Cassandra Arasi 

Gabriella Arevalo 

Rebecca Armstrong 

"Live for today, not tomorrow. 

Varsity Softball, Varsity Field Hockey 

Stephen Arsenault 

"It's not about the destination, It's 
about the journey." 

Band, Baseball, Basketball, S.H.O, 
National Science Honors Society 

Rebecca Bamford 




Phillip Barrett 

"Bottom line is if you're not runnin, 
you're walkin." 


Brooke Baldassari 

"You only have one life to live, but if 
you live it correctly, once is enough!" 

Varsity Cross Country, Track, 
Horseback Riding 

Alexander Batcheller 


Casev Barnacle 

"If you ain't first, you're last." 

R ' v ■ 


Cross Country, Hockey, Track, 
Homecoming King 



Callie Bateson 

"The biggest adventure you can ever 
take is to live the life of your dreams." 

Green Team (President), National 

Honors Society, National Science 

Honors Society, Key Club, Senior 

Class Play 


Korena Benedict 

M. ' 1 

Carolvnn Bennett 

"Omg Whatever." 


Amanda Berard 

Lucas Bergeron 

Katlyn Benson 

"I think people can stand to take 

themselves just a little less seriously." 


National Art Honors Society 

Talia Bercume 

Megan Bergeron 



Victoria Bonneau 

"Life is a mirror and will reflect back to 
the thinker what he thinks into it." 

National Honor Society (Secretary), 

Student Council (Treasurer), History 

Honor Society, Science Honor Society, 

Art Honor Society, Varsity Soccer 

(Captain), Varsity Tennis, Best 

Buddies, Dream Factory, Key Club 


1 JM 

Mm ^ft j MW 1 

Sarah Boyd 

Hailey Brunette 

"If I ride the wings of the morning. If I 

dwell by the farthest oceans, even 

there your hand will guide me, and 

your strength will support me." - 

Psalms 139: 9 -10 

National Honor Society, Track and Field, Band, 

Women of Science Team, History Honor Society, 

Science National Honor Society, JROTC 


Emily Boyd 

"Impossible isn't a word. It's a reason 
for someone not to try." 

Swim Team 

Cooper Brown 

The only easy day was yesterday." 

Varsity Soccer (Captain) 

Jenna Bueno 

"We make a living by what we get, we 
make a life by what we give." 

"National Honor Society, Science 

National Honor Society, Varsity 

Soccer (Captain), Varsity Rowing 


Nicholas Buote 

Katelyn Byron 

Vincent Calautti 

Emily Cantillon 

"The minute I stop making mistakes is 
the minute I stop learning." 

Varsity Track, History Honor Society, 
Dream Team 

Vincent Capomaccio 

David Carriere 

"Truth is like the sun. You can shut it 
out for a time, but it ain't goin' away." 


JROTC, Drill Team, Raiders 

Kerry Carney 

Calvin Carroll 

"Let's do this." 


Varsity Football, Basketball Baseball 

Catherine Cassidy 

"Today you are you that is truer than 

true. There is no one alive who is 

youer than you." -Dr. Seuss 

CC, Cat 

Varsity Volleyball Drama Club, 

Rebecca Caterino 

"Enjoy what you can and endure what 

you must. Make the best of all that 

comes and the least of all that goes." 


SADD, Varsity Soccer, Varsity 
Basketball, Varsity Softball 


Connor Chaqnon 

"Second place is the first loser." 





Kyle Charette 

"Even with all the obstacles and 
hardships, winners perservere." -F.D.R 

Cross Country, Baseball, Winter Track, 

Dream Factory, National History 

Honor Society 

"I can accept failure but I can't accept 
not trying." -Michael Jordan 

Basketball, Track 

Hillary Cayer 

"Happiness is a decision; with every 

morning's renewal, consciousness 

you must decide." 

Alexandra Chaisson 

"Sometimes you have to take a step 
back to see what's really going on." 




Matthew Charette 

Jenna Chiavelli 

"What we see mainly depends on 
what we look for." 

Soccer, Choir 

Kimberly Christian 

Carissa Cicolini 

"Faith isn't the opposite of doubt, faith 

is having doubt but choosing to 

believe anyways." 

Varsity Soccer (Caption), Varsity 
Softball, History Honor Society 

Nathaniel Connors 

"No matter where you go, there you 

Golf, National History Honor Society, 

Basketball, Baseball, Dutch Foreign 

Exchange Program, National Science 

Honor Society, National Honor Society 


Alyssa Cote 

"Love like crazy." 

Varsity Soccer, Varsity Softball, 

National Honor Society, Student 

Council (President), National History 

Honor Society 

Robert Cole 

Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, 
National History Honor Society, 
President & Founder of National 
Science Honor Society, Student 
Council, National Honor Society 

Daniel Cormier 

"Never be afraid to try. Remember, 

amateurs built the Ark... professionals 

built the Titanic." 

Class President, Varsity Football, 

Varsity Track and Field, National 

Honor Society, History Honor Society, 

Chamber Choir, The Musical, Senior 

Class Play, Blue & White Newspaper 

Kaitlyn Cottone 

"Never regret something that once 
made you smile." 

National Honor Society, National 

History Honor Society, National 

Science Honor Society, Student 

Council, Senior Olympics, Band, Key 

Club, Senior Class Play 


Kristvna Cubelli 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile 
because it happened." 

PV'fl ^B 


History Honor Society 

Cody Cyr 

Kelli Danahy 

'If you're not living on the edge, you're 
taking up too much space." 

Tennis, History Honor Society, Senior 

Andrew Custeau 

Evan Cyr 

"Live life to the fullest. 

Jaclyn Davis 

Katelyn De Simone 

Gianna Delmonico 

Colleen DeCola 

"Life is what happens while you're 

busy making other plans." -John 


Beans, Coco 

Drama Club, Figure Skateing (Co- 
captain), Soccer, Musical, Senior 
Class Play, National History Honor 
Society, Science Honor Society, 
Tennis, National Honor Society 

Matthew Delmonte 

"Pain heals, chicks dig scars, but glory 
lasts forever." 

Varsity Football, Baseball 

Antonio DeSimone 

Steven DiZazzo 

Seventeen Power <3 H.B.E.N.T 

Varsity Basketball, Varsity Football 

John DiZoqlio 




Paul Downing 

"There's really no difference between a 

stadium full of cheering fans and a 

crowd screaming abuse at you. 

They're both just making a lot of 


Band, DHL Jazz Band, Independent Theater Club, Mock 
Trial, National Honor Society 

Melissa Dube 

"Be the change you wish to see in the 
world." -Ghandi 

Mel, Dubes 

Choir (President), SSA, Chamber 
Choir, Books & Bagels 

n^ " 

Steven Dussault 

Ashley Ellis 

"Through my Kaleidoscope a single 
star looks like a constellation." 

Michael Ewing 

"The bottom line is...' 




Jackie, J 

Christian Feight 

"Don't touch the sparkles, they hurt!!" 

Ultimate Frisbee 

Nikko Ferrara 


Stephanie Fiorante 

Jacquelyn Flynn 

"Life is full of surprises. If you don't 

expect too much, you can't be 


Yearbook (Editor-in-Chief), 

Multicultural Club (Treasurer), Peer 

Leaders, Books & Bagels, National 

Honor Society 

Derek Feole 

Joshua Finley 

Varsity Hockey, National Science 
Honor Society, National Honor Society 

"And I don't mind having that 
someone around." - The Higher DARE 

Yearbook (Senior Editor), Books & 

Bagels, Peer Leaders, National Art 

Honor Society, National Honors 

Society, Multicultural Club (Treasurer), 

Spanish Honor Society 



Andrea Foster 

Kelsey Fox 

'd like to believe the best of me is 
something I have yet to see." 

Yearbook, Dream Factory, 

Photography Club, National Art Honor 


Lindsey Garcia 

"When one door closes, another 

opens. But often we look so long so 

regretfully upon the closed door that 

we fail to see the one that has opened 

for us." -Helen Keller 

Field Hockey, Track, National Honors 
Society, History Honors Society 

Sofia Giordano 

"Success is sweet: the sweeter if long 

delayed and attained through 

manifold struggles and defeat." - A. 

Branson Alcott 

Field Hockey 





Casey Fowler 

Alyssa Freeman 

"We all want to make a place in this 

world. We all want our voices to be 

heard. Everyone wants a chance to be 


Soccer, Ice-skating, National Science 

Honor Society, National History Honor 

Society, Mock Trial 

"Be not afraid of greatness. Some are 

born great. Some achieve greatness, 

and some have it thrust upon them" - 



Football, Basketball, Softball, band, 

Josiel Gonzalez 

Katharine Gordon 

"Common sense isn't so common." • 
My great aunt Cynthia 


Spring and Winter Varsity Track and 

Michael Gorman 



"The greatest danger for us is not that 

we aim too high and miss, but we aim 

too low and reach it." 

Marvline Goyau 

Varsity Basketball 

Kyrsis Graham 

Sara Grams 

Matthew Gregg 

Key Club, Art Club, Chamber Choir, 
Books & Bagels 

"If everyone is thinking alike, then 

someone isn't thinking." 

-George S. Patton 

Marching Band, Symphonic Band, 
Jazz Band, DHI 

Danielle Grenier 

"Schalom, S.O" 

Big D, Danni, 

Varsity Soccer, Varsity Basketball 

Elizabeth Haiiar 

"They can't scare me, if I scare them 
first." - Lady Gaga 

Ebeth, Beth, 

National Honor Society, National Art 

Honor Society, Senior Class Play, 

Drama Club 

"Heal the past, live the present, dream 
the future." 

Varsity Cheerleading, History National 
Honors Society 

f' I 

Britney Hanev 

"Life isn't about surviving the storm, it's 
about dancing in the rain." 

Nora Higginbottom 

Michael Harper 

"H.B. ENT" 

Football, Track, National Honor 
Society, JROTC 

Harper, Crusty 

Erika Hardy 

Krystal Harrington 

I would rather be hated for who I am, 

rather than be loved for someone I'm 



rp 1 

Kevin Higgins 


Victoria Hoev 

"Who is better than us!? Nobody!!" 

Adopt a Grandparent (President) 

Vick, Ticky 

Tabitha Houle 

"Everything happens tor a reason. 
People change so that you can learn 
to let go, things go wrong so you can 

appreciate them when they're right, 

and sometimes good things fall apart 

so better things can come together." - 

Marilyn Monroe 

Varsity Cheerleading (Captain) 


Christina Itarelli 

"Sometimes I wish I was you, so 
could be friends with me." 

Stina, Itarelli 

Varsity Cheerleading 

p 1 


Cameron Kellev 

Katie Horan 

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, 
hope for tomorrow." 

Musical, Senior Class Play, Varsity 
Swim and Dive 

Jacklyn Kendall 

"Everything happens for a reason. 

Track and Field, National Honor 

i l ; 

Kelly Kennedy 


Varsity Gymnastics, Adopt A 

^^^^H ^k^ 


Carla Khoder 

"It's only a mistake if you never 
learned from it." 

Yearbook Staff, Multicultural Club, 
Methuen S.H.O. 

Timothy Kong 

Derek Kunze 

Rebecca Kwakye 

"In life there is no limitation, but there 
is always consequence." 

Key Club, National Honor Society, 

Tennis, Mock Trial, Books and Bagels, 

National History Society 

Ashley Lambert 

"You can't control the winds, but you 
can set your sails." 

Matthew Langlois 

i£ W 

Laura Lemire 

Olivia Lewis 

Johan Liriano Del Orbe 

Shannon Loconte 

"In opera, when a woman gets 

stabbed in the back, she doesn't 

bleed. She sings." 


Dineen Lewis 

Key Club, Relay tor Lite, History Honor 
Society, Students Helping Others 

Nicholas Licciardi 

Varsity Cheerleading 


Kellie Little 

Chamber Choir, SSA Choir, Marching 

Band, Musical, National Honor 

Society, Yearbook 

Lauren Loffredo 

"Carpe diem." 

National Honor Society, Varsity Field 


Jessica Lucey 

"Love the life you live. Live the life you 
love."- Bob Marley 

Volleyball, Yearbook 

Johanna Maher 

Benjamin Maccarone 

Audrey MacDonald 

HV F ^ 

Trevor Mallett 

Varsity Swim and Dive, Varsity Spring 

Nicole Maillet 

"What's meant to be will always find 
its way." 

Field Hockey, Track and Field, 
National History Honor Society 

Milka Martinez 

"In memory of my mother who died 

fighting cancer. I love and miss you 


GCP Intern 

W flfc 

Faith Mattheson 

"So maybe every once in a while 

think about the good times, the past 

comes into mind and I think, in great 

shock, everything changed so 


Raiders, Adopt-a-Grandparent 

Olivia McCarthy 

"When it comes down to it, I let them 

think what they want it they care 

enough to bother with what I do then 

I'm already better than them 





Cullen McAloon 


"Our generation has had no great war, 

no great depression, our war is 

spiritual, our depression is our lives." - 

Chuck Palahniuk 

Megan McNiff 

Chelsea Metcalf 

"A dream you dream alone is only a 

dream, a dream you dream together is 

reality." - John Lennon 

Choir, Chamber Choir, SSA 


Kyle Moschetto 

Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor 


Jonathan Munoz 

1 *#< ^ 

Meqhan McRobbie 

"It's better to burn out than to fade 

Shawna Moore 

"If it didn't matter, you wouldn't be 
thinking about it." 

Smore, Devin 

Varsity Basketball, Soccer, Softball, 

A 1 


Mollv Mulligan 



Courtney Murach 

Eric Murphy 

Patrick Murray 

Zlata Myshchuk 

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must 
always be different" -Coco Channel 

History Honor Society, Tennis, XC, Peer 

Leaders, Books and Bagels, Science 

Honor Society, Senior Class Student 


Lindsay Neel 

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is 

genius, and its better to be absolutely 

ridiculous than absolutely boring." 

-Marilyn Monroe 

Dance, SADD 

"What is today but yesterday's 
tomorrow? Free taco's half off!" 

GSA, Chamber Choir 

Katherine Myers 

"I love you to the moon and back" 

Field Hockey, National Art Honor 

Elias Nammour 

"Never mistake kindness for 

Soccer, National Honor Society 

Judy Ngo 

! i*^B 

Lane Nickerson 

Ashley Nyandat 



National History Honor Society, 

L , J 

Nicolas O'Leary 

Get mad, then get over it." 

Wrestling, Track 


Sara O'Connell 

Julie O'Neil 

"The only thing certain in life is death 
and taxes." -Ben Franklin 

Drama Club, Key Club, History Honor 

Society, National Science Honor 

Society, Senior Class Play, Musical 


■:■: ^ ?&'*%■&: I 

i ^^B5h ^ 

Jacob Peters 

"Don't underestimate the power of 
silly people in a large group." 

Yearbook (Editor in Chief), 

Multicultural Club (President), Peer 

Mediation, National Art Honor Society 

Jake, JP, 
[ Jacobo, 
Jaquitta, Hagop 

Davena Phoeung 

Varsity Cheerleading 

Carolina Portorreal 

Sarah Privitera 

"Every song ends, but is that any 

reason not to enjoy the music?" - 

Peyton Sawyer 

Class Secretary, National Honor 
Society, National Art Honor Society 

Scott Quinn 




Alyssa Raimondo 

"Great works are performed not by 
strength, but by perseverance." 


Tylor Reeves 

Tyler Rheault 


Varsity Basketball (Manager), 
Lacrosse Club 

Nicole Roberts 

"It's never goodbye, it's just so-long" 

Marching Band, Symphonic Band, 

Senior Class Play, Studio of Dance 

Arts senior team 


Stephanie Ratliff 

Dream Factory, Students Helping 
Others (President) 

Erik Rettman 

Jessica Rizkallah 

Love is a big fat turkey and everyday 

is Thanksgiving." 

- Charles Bukowski 

The Blue and White Newspaper, 

National Art Honor Society, 

Photography Club, Yearbook, 

Students Helping Others, Apple Pi 

Chelsea Robichaud 


Nathan Robinson 

Daniel Saba 


Jeffrey Sadezwicz 

"Hot boy we out" 

Varsity Football 

Shauna Samra 


Sophia Saba 

^M gm. Mil 

AN Salah 

"Be the change you wish to see in the 

1 -^ 

Stephanie Santamaria 


William Savard 

Suhad Shahin 

"Every moment is an experience" 

Blue and White Newspaper 

m\ ■ J! 

Adam Schofield 

Varsity Volleyball, National Honor 

Terrena Scannell 

"we are all great!" 

Varsity Field Hockey and Tennis, Vice 

President ot Class Officers and 

National Honor Society 

Nicholas Scionti 


Independent Theater Club 

Casey Shay 

"People who fight fire with fire usually 

end up with ashes. And singed 



James Staples 

"Cool Boys out! SYB! 

Football Varsity Basketball (Captain) 

Meghan Stapleton 

"Who knows where life will take you, 

the road is long and in the end the 

journey is the destination." 

Student Council, History Honor 

Christina Sullivan 

Swim and Dive Team, History Honors 

Jill Svendsen 

"Life is a mystery to be explored, not a 
problem to be solved." 

History Honor Society 

Chelsee Sweeney 

Be positive and love your life." 

Varsity Field Hockey, History Honor 

jmm M 

Steven Svchampanakhone 

Football, Basketball, Track 

Sych, (Seech) 

Oliver Thibault 

/ \ 


Gabrielle Tisbert 

Key Club, History Honor Society \ 


1 1 1 1 

1 i -M 

James Torres 

"It is our choices that show us what 

we truly are, tar more than our 


April Townsend 

Chelsea Trask 

"Life's about trusting your feelings and 

taking chances, losing and finding 

happiness, appreciating the 

memories, and learning from the past, 
and realizing that people change." 

History Honor Society, Varsity 

Leeman Tran 


Noelle Travers 

"Change the way you look at things 
and the things you look at change." 

Varsity Cheerleading (Captain) 

m£V. IL 

Heather Trepanier 

"Love the life you live, live the life you 
love." -Bob Marley 

Varsity Cheerleading, Basketball 



ii T " J 

Luis Un/nowicz 

"You have to live life to love it, and 
love life to live it." 

Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, Guitar 

Your Honor 

Kasey Walko 

"They can because they think they 
can." -Virgil 

National Art Honor Society, Art Club 


Sean Whittaker 

"Dare to be Champions. 

Varsity Football, Track 

Timothy Vermette 

'Universally, we are all different. Only 
in death are we truly the same." 

Choir, Dream Team 



Daniel Weiqhtman-Ferrier 



k. A 

Shy Seniors 

Maria Abreu 
Yanell Abreu 
Ingrid Acevedo 
Michael Alasmar 
Samuel Aleksa 
Tyler Alessandro 
Gregory Alvarez 
Chiyan Andino 
Priscilla Artey 
Myrna Ash 
Helen Ayala 
Jennifer Balbuena 
Ashlee Baptiste 
Jose Bedoya 
Erwin Beya 
Ryan Bicknell 
Alexander Bochman 
Roberto Bonilla - Santos 
Hannah Buffum 
Samantha Burdin 
Jake Cain 
Jocelyn Candelario 
Jarolin Cartagena 
Leonardo Cassanelli 
Geary Castro 
Crystal Chanlatte 
Erin Clark 
Nicole Clooney 
Edwardo Colon 
Paul Cooper 
Lindsey Corbett 
Rosana Cordero 
Andre Correia 
Jeremy Crespo 
Anthony Crivello 
Christopher Cruz 
Israel DeJesus 
Melanie Delacruz 
Michael Delmonaco 
Kamille Diaz 

Derek Dicenso 
Jason Doyle 
Laura Drago 
Nadege Dussuau 
James Eaton 
Kyra Fisher 
Daniel Flores 
Julie Flores 
Nicholas Foden 
Amanda Foley 
Nicole Fortier 
Kelsey Freelove 
Paola Gabriel 
Andre Garcia 
Randhel Garcia 
Raziel Garcia 
Justin Gaznick 
Kenny Gomez 
Christian Gonzalez 
Shana Gonzalez 
Joseph Grande 
Rosalinda Grullon 
Raymond Guigni 
Kevin Gutierrez -Iglesias 
Gandour Haddad 
Peter Has 
Elvin Hernandez 
Jaymi Hernandez 
Allan Hidalgo 
Cynthia Hoac 
Guy Jean - Pierre 
Nicole Lajoie 
Jarrin Langlois 
Robert Lawson 
Israel Lebron 
Christopher Lessard 
Karen Lima 
Michael Lima 
Robert Littles 
David Lopez 
Alisa Lowden 
Travis Luis 

Nhi Ly 
Nhi Ly 

Onaishaanais Madera 
Joshua Maldonado 
Haley Mannion 
William Mannion 
Kimberly Marino 
Jose Martinez 
Fredy Mateo 
Arleny Matias 
Ronald McGrath 
Nataly Mejia 
Plinio Mejia 
Jacob Morin 
Christine Morley 
Matthew Moura 
Daniel Mulligan 
Francelis Mustafa 
Francis Mustafa 
Michael Nardone 

Rachely Ramos 
Jessilyn Rapa 
Elizabeth Rapoza - Rosario 
Sofia Realejo 
Haydee Retamar 
Luis Retamar 
Steven Reynoso 
Guillermo Rivera 
Katherine Rivera 
Alexandra Rizzo 
Christina Robertson 
Michael Robichaud 
Cristobal Rodriguez 
Lauren Rogers 
Alexis Rohena 
Elaine Rosario 
Juan Rosario 
Yarissa Rosario 
Luis Saez 

Jameson Salomon 
Kervens Salomon 

Fransheska Vasquez 
Randy Vega 
llayssa Velez 
Jearim Velez 
Marlene Velez 
Cassandra Vieweg 
Haylie Vilkisius 
Paul Vogel 
Lenys Volquez 
Lydia Wang 
Wade Washburn 
Paul Wozniak 
Jordan Yantin 
Bretton Zinno 

Hannah Nickola 

Brandon Santana 

Angelica Nieves 

Eira Santana 

Christian Nieves 

Sean Santiago 

Kaileigh Nightingale 

Valeria Santiago 

Lesly Nolasco 

Kimberly Santos 

Andrew Norton 

Mia Sapienza 

Christopher Nunez 

Brandon Schneider 

Felix Nunez 

Perrine Sechehaye 

James O'Keefe 

Kyle Sheehan 

Tyler O'Keefe 

David Sheperd 

Edward O'Neill 

Luis Sostre 

Jarred Owen 

Taylor Spellen- Pinto 

Vanshag Patel 

Nicole Sternberg 

Daniela Pelaez 


Gregory Pena 


Samantha Pinheiro 

Gregory Thomas 

Eliesel Portuhondo 

James Torres 

Allison Powers 

Julien Torres 

Corey Powers 



Amanda Tully 

Carlos Ramirez 

Luis Vargas 



■ -% frg 

^^_/v ■ 

kl -" _^ 



arm lff£< £ ^. 

L Ikl/^' 


••^-.Ti ^3*"^55i .j Ett 

:: >x.r 

[aj T'T _£, w .s 

Ik. ^ 1 


^£* v 





" i "*' W ' 


( --^ 




. 3E ! 


. 5^rP^B \^' 

I B^H » 

5?" ""?> 

r $ X 





%i, — fk 


P '** ti 



f- iS 






, vi^H 








9 «"F •*' T 

? '^& 




L. fc 


■ i 


""• ' 

*■ i 


■i • 


^Fi4» 1 








»/ >rv * j 

J* V * 



Most Likely to Take Over the World 


Oft 7i 

Hailey Brunette 

Most Likely to Save the World 


Brian Sim 

Sarah Boyd 


Cutest Couple 


Stephen Arsenault + Colleen DeCola 

SMfor SuptfaflvM 

Most Likely to Receive an Oscar 


Olivia Lewis 


id Lopez */ 



Stnlor SupArtofl^t 

Most Stylin 


Dynamic Duo 

Neeti Patel + Ashley LeBlanc 


Most Likely to Have Work in a Museum 

Sarah Privitera 

Jake Peters 

y < ~ Most Likely to Make Someone's Day 


Catherine Cassidy 

Andrew McGinty «. 



The Methuen Ranger 

'- 1 »nsrl I^H^^H 

Senijor Cfctss T^ 1 


f C 





■ MUP " p v , , 






lift) 1 






\ l 






"If you got a problem, Yo! I'll 

solve it."- Meredith Moore, 

Math Department 


Always believe in the power of 
yourself!" -Maureen Melanson, 
Science Department 


"Think beyond what you know is 

possible."- Chrisann Sevoian, 

English Department 





\Jacob Awad 
Nicole Baddour 
Gregory Barysky 
Damien Bergeron 

.Brittany Billingsley 

fSt <***' ^i 




^ I /Lyndsey Bocsi 

Ashley Bodenrader 
Zachary Branchaud 
Shelby Brown 
JDesiree Charest 


'Brendan Chretien 
Amanda Clooney 
James Conner-Myers) 
Matthew Corsaro 
lebeka Costa 





'Marisa Cuscuna 
Scott Delrossi 
Jonathan Desantis 
Allison Eastman 
.Gabriela Encalada 



Jillian Falardeau 
Chelsea Flannigan 
Megan Forgetta 
Ryan Freeman 
.Colleen Heggarty 

- ~| 


Amanda Hemond 
Michael Hennessy 
Elizabeth Hughes 
Timothy Kerr 
sStephen Lilja 

Stephanie Lind 
Kayla Maguire 
Elaine Mancini 
Heidi Martinez 
^William McKinney 

Felix Medina 
Courtney Nimmo 
Joel Platz 
Matthew Pomerleau 
^Chelsea Rutherforc 













Teah Santone 
g/ Ryan Savastano 
Adam Scholtz 
Joshua Shellmer 
vbigail Tremblay 


v -> . 

'Caitlin Trunfio 
Ashley Twomey 
Bridgett Watson 
Lauren Wojtowicz 
)errick Wong 


Kristofer Wunderlichr 
Michael Wunderlich 
Charles Zuhlke 



■ I 

1 £ 


"Unless.... Unless someone like you cares a whole 

iwful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. (Dr. 

Suess) -Matthew Wortman, Science Department 



Taylor Lawton 
Linda Le 
Monique Mai 
Eric Maillet 

Carolyn O'leary ^ 

Jennifer Ochaeta ' 

\ 2m 

Alexandra Pacheco 

1 ^^p**^ **wt 

Courtney Patterson J 

A/Villiam Pekarski A 

■ I 

Mekenna Philbrick 
Renan Proenca 
Alexis Quadras 
Madeline Rahme 
.Alexis Rivera 







^ 1 


- f 


■*fc f 

f ! 



b i 

r w 

■* jg ^ 



v-ftrf* " 






? Ms* 


* > ' 

Mountains are the means, the man is the end. The goal is not to 

reach the tops of mountains, but to improve the man. "(Walter 

Bonatti, Italian Man.) -Jeffrey Bellistri, English Department 

Paola Abregu 

Keidelyn Abreu 

Dayer Acosta 

Sandra Adome 

Laurie Andersen 

Kayla Anderson 

Erica Andrade 

Jeffrey Ard 

Luis Arias 

Bo Armstrong 

Dale Armstrong 

Jonathan Armstrong 

Lennin Artiles 

Satin Austin 

Michaela Auterio 

Ivan Avalo-Bautista 

Luke Aziz 

Salah Baladi 

Daniel Baranowski 

Tyler Bates 

Lemari Bautista 

Amanda Beasley 

David Beauchesne 

Samantha Beaudette 

Joseph Bechara 

Julia Bellino 

Christian Bergeron 

Tara Bihl 

Spencer Bilich 

Daniel Bishop 

Abigale Bistany 

Sarah Bistany 

Tracey Bistany 

Thomas Blaisdell 

Mollica Bonn 

Michael Bowler 

Ryan Bradley 

Jacob Branchaud 

Courtney Brennan 

Tyler Brightman 

Austin Brown 

Austin Brown 

Riley Brown 

Cameron Busta 

Ryan Butts 

Sarah Calautti 

Lidenia Calderon 

Kerriann Canales 

Anthony Capomaccio 

Mark Carito 

Dylan Carlo 

Charles Carriere 

Madison Carroll 

Murphy Carroll 

Nicole Carroll 

Samuel Carter 

Luis Castellanos 
Jacob Castro 
Yalivi Castro 
Mark Catipon 
Kristen Cesario 
Nathan Chasse 
Dylan Chim 

Alexa Cicolini 
Ryan Cioffi 
Charlene Claus 
Zachary Cloutier 
Emily Coffin 
Brian Cole 
Griffin Cole 

Alexandra Comerford 
Hailey Conroy 
Madison Constanza 
Taylor Conway 
Marian Coppola 
Ashlee Cormier 
Chantal Cornu 

Jamie Coronella 
Anthony Correa 
Brianna Correa 
Enrique Cosme 
Thomas Couture 
Courtney Craig 
James Crimmins 

Bruce Crivello 
Alyxis Crompton 
Caroline Crowe 
Christine Crowe 
Janelle Crowe 
Erica Cruz 
Michaela Cullum-Doyle 

Kelsey Curtis 

Courtney Cuscuna 

William dishing Jr 

Joseph Cutuli 

Zachary D'angelo-Lombari 

Victoria Daigle 

Kaley Dean 

Nicholas Dechirico 
Dylan Delosa 
Danielle Descotcaux 
Marissa Dcsharnais 
Trevor Dcsimone 
Nicholas Desrochers 
Amanda Desroches 

Michael Di Troia 
Victoria Digloria 
Jessica Dizoglio 
Katarina Domenici 
Matthew Downing 
Erin Driscoll 
Kelleieh Dunn 


Alana Durfee 

Melbin Espinal 

Emilio Estevez 

David Feliz 

Bryan Fernandez 

Devon Fifer 

Brianna Figueroa 

Matthew Fillipon 

Benjamin Fitzgerald 

Nicholas Flanagan 

Tatiana Flores 

Fallon Forbes 

Devyn Ford 

Brianna Fotino 

Devin Fournier 

Antonio Freitas 

Karl Fuller 

Jenna Gagne 

Sasha Galloway 

Mathew Gauvin 

Jovanni Geha 

Katherine George 

Austin George Williams 

Tyler Gervasio 

Alexis Gilardi 

Eva Giron 

Michael Golio 

Jey Gomez-Cruz 

Eliezer Gonzalez 

Connor Grady 

David Grant 

Austin Greeley 

Jack Gregg 

Idalis Guzman 

Tyler Guzman 

Cassandra Haddad 

Julianna Halaby 

Kelsey Halloran 

Katie Hamilton 

Marwah Haq 

Maxine Harvey 

Veronica Has 

Emily Hayes 

Tyler Hayes 

Devon Heffernan 

Edward Henriquez 

Kiara Hernandez 

James Holden 

Micaela Holland 

Ashley Horan 

Shaley Horan 

Hunter Howell 

Lucas Hulme 

Shawn Hulse 

Heather Hutnick 

Luke Iannuccilli 

Leah Ingalls 
Justin Iwen 
Matthew Jaibur 
Joseph Jasmin 
Christopher Javier 
William Jessee 
Karina Jimenez 

Kavendi Jonathas 
Megan Jones 
Alyssa Joubert 
Collins Kabuthia 
Matthew Kady 
Brandon Karmelowiczl 
Nathan Karpowicz 

Kristen Keenan 
Courtney Keller 
Alyssa Kellerman 
Steven Kennedy 
Yoshitaka Koga 
Brenna Kunze 
Magdalene Kwakye 

India Laboy 
Christian Labrecque 
Evan Lacroix 
Angelie Landry 
Madison Langlois 
Manuel Laureano 
Sean Lavigne 

Patrick Lavin 
Olivia Lavoie 
Alexander Le 
Andrew Le 
Julien Lebeau 
Valiant Lebron 
Latischa Ledesma 

Natasha Lee 
Chase Lees 
Amanda Lemire 
Christopher Lemus 
Kelly Lennon 
Rachael Lesperance 
Cassandra Levesque 

Johnathan Lewis 
Brian Lilja 
Emma Limperis 
Sydney Littlefield 
David Loconte 
Shayla Lopez 
Fernando Lopez-Perdomo 

Abdessamad Loughlam 
Derek Lyons 
Joshua Machado 
John Maginnis 
Marcie Mai 
Victoria Maimone 
Djouby Maitre 


Rami Majed 

Joseph Marcello 

Adam Marchand 

Alexander Marchese 

Alyssa Marchese 

Alexander Marcoux 

Jacklyn Marino 

Kai-Jana Marquez 

Matthew Martin 

Angel Martinez 

Myriangelisse Martinez 

Stephanie Martinez 

Ubaldo Martinez 

Michael Martino 

Abigail Marzec 

Orbis Mateo 

Paige Matthews 

Michael McAloon 

Lauren McAndrew 

Kellie McDonald 

Derek McDonough 

Kasey McKay 

Josseline Medina 

Nathaly Mejia 

Shannon Mellen 

Christopher Mendoza 

Kayla Mendoza 

Jonathan Mercado 

Christopher Milone 

Alan Molina 

Kerry Molloy 

Christian Monserrat 

Yizandra Morales 

Sharelee Moreno 

Alicia Moro 

Genesis Morris 

Morgan Murphy 

Angel Mustafa 

Maria Nammour 

Erin Naughton 

An Nguyen 

Anthony Nguyen 

Lina Nguyen 

Tam Nguyen 

Theresa Norton 

Karen Nova 

Michael Nunez-Baez 

Kelsey O'connor 

Elvis Ortega 

Wilson Ortega 

Alexis Owen 

Luis Pagan 

Anthony Pangione 

Nicholas Pangione 

Seth Parrott 

Biyanka Patel 

Trushti Patel 
Margaret Patti 
Wesley Paulino 
Krysta Pelletier 
Jossian Pena 
Luis Perez 
Gabriella Perrone 

Samantha Perry 
Samantha Petrow 
Jonathan Pierce 
Mariana Pietrangelo 
Taylor Pitari 
Omar Podilla 
Benito Polanco 

Valeryn Polanco 
Karen Politano 
Saony Portuhondo 
Kady Potter 
Kayla Potter 
Joseph Privitera 
Brittany Quadros 

Ileana Quaglietta 
Laura Quinn 
Emmanuel Quinones 
Christopher Racioppi 
Corinna Raimondi 
Keisha Ramirez 
Jasper Ramos 

Daniel Rettman 
Anthony Reynoso 
Arabella Rios-Helena 
Maxamillion Rivela 
Giovanni Rivera 
Yequenia Rivera 
Monica Rizkallah 

Candice Robinson 
Jacen Robinson 
Nelismarie Rodriguez 
Luisania Rodriguez-Marte 
Janiti Roman 
Trijido Rosa 
Mark Rosario 

Derek Rosone 
Brittany Rousseau 
Rima Rustom 
Melody Rutherford 
Serena Saade 
Keisha Saez 
Fouad Samara 

Daysi Sanabria 
Julian Sanchez 
Luis Sanchez 
Luis Sanchez 
Nydia Sanche/ 
Aliyah Sanguedolce 
Jennifer Santamaria 

Karina Santana 

Alexandra Sasso 

Ruddy Severino 

Cagan Seving 

Ryan Sheehan 

Veronica Sheehan 

Chihiro Shimomoto 

Shannon Sholds 

Jesse Siaglo 

Alexis Smith 

Chelsey Sousa 

Joseph Souza 

James Spearman 

Mitchel Spottiswood 

Alisa Stamatopulos 

Amy Stamatopulos 

Donald Ste. Marie 

Julie Sternberg 

Megan Stewart 

Kevin Sutton 

Michael Suzor 

Derick Swenson 

Anthony Tapia 

Hannah Tarr 

Linsay Tarte 

Adeline Tavarez 

Arheny Tavarez 

Cynthia Tejada 

Luis Terrero 

Danielle Thibodeau 

Simon Ton 

Christopher Touma 

Brian Tran 

Siufong Tran 

Karina Trinidad 

Bryan Truong 

Joseph Uliano 

Cheyanne Vancoppenolle 

Melisa Vargas 

Hannah Vasquez 

Tanyaradzwa Vazhure 

Javier Vazquez 

Jomar Vega 

Shakille Vega 

Enrique Veras 

Dennis Vo 

Sarah Wachowiak 

Shelby Waldie 

Caitlyn Wallace 

Madelyn Wallace 

Rachel Walsh 

Shelby Walsh 

Emily Wehring 

William Weinhold 

Douglas Whiteside 

Brandee Wiggins 





V^m - ^fl 

^k l4l 

ljH'' jL^fl 

1 1 ^"~"T 

ff^^^^^^ 1 

m JSHIv^ 

William Wilder 
Cai Williams 
Ryan Wilmot 
Jasmine Wilson 
Maria Wilson 
Jared Winegar 
Logan Witham 

Meghan Wood 
Brianna Woods 
Myles Wright 
Dylan Yameen 
Nicholas Yameen 
Kira Yarid 
Furkan Yazaroglu 

Jason Young 
Juliana Zingales 


. t 

<* — 







"Can I 
trade this 

1 1 HVi I tZ ■ ■ kT 

behind door #1?" 
- Coach Glen Gearin, 
Emerging Technology 

' i 


[ m 

"The only thing that stands between a man and what 
he wants from life is oft en mere ly the will to try it and 
the faith to believe that it i£ possible -Richard M. 
Devoj" -Larel McMahon, Department of Fine Arts 



















/', | 

"I've learned that people will 
forget what you said, people 
will forget what you did, but 
people will never forget how 
you made them feel. 
- Maya Angelou" - Maria 

m Media Center 




i - i 

Maria McLaughlin 
Vice Principal 

Karen Hallbauer 
Assistant Principal 

Michael Downs 
Assistant Principal 
Social Studies Chair 

Kathy Baker 
Special Education 

Claude Beaudet 
Physical Education 

Maria Betances 
Special Education 

Kim Bihl-Spada 

Special Education 

)ean Brouder 

SADD Coordinator! 

Christine Burton] 

Alan Delano 


Salam El Mash 
Foreign Language 

Marie Comeau 

Brendan Cripps 
Social Studies 

lichelle DeFrancesco 
Guidance Secretary 

Colleen Fallon] 

Kevin Geary 
fipecial Education! 

7 Ha i 

■•£>! *"■ 



JB u 



Matthew Fallon 


ICatherine Follonierl 
foreign Language] 

Paula George 
[Athletics Secretary] 

Lisa Golobski 

■ iMW^' 

From Left to Right, starting from the top, Sue Hutton, Christine Trunfio, Mary 
Guilmette, Paula Snell Jennifer Lilja, Thelma Nastasia, Yolla Abou-Khalii, Rose 
Daly, Debby Medugno, Cathy Lahey, Donna Mustapha, Anglina Lasley, Vivian 
Vasquez, Marylyn Greeley, Arlene Kosmeh, Joanie Bonanno, Joyce Fredette, 
Vicki Soucy. 



Sports Candids 

Sports Candids 

■ * 


Clft I 

1 1 


r i 


* | 


E * 

L f jprjj M I 

J U If *' if *p " 


Grurfe l/ctrsuty Soccer 

(From left to right, Top) Peters Kitsos, Alex Levesque, Alexa 
Cicollini ,Cassie Levesque, Alexandra Comerford, Kirstin Alfonso, 
Amanda Petrow, Molly Condon, Gabriela Encalada, Madison 
Langlois, Amy Bruneau, Kristie Erikson, Alyssa Cote 
(From left to right, Bottom) Ryan Bicknell, Karen Lima, Jenna Bueno, 
Rebecca Caterino, Victoria Bonneau, Carissa Cicolini, Danielle 
Grenier, Jenna Chiavelli, Alyssa Rainondo, Emily Wehring 

1 .Don't be afraid Alex, it won't 


2. 1 hope I can get it, or coach 

will be upset. 

3. How many of these do I 
have to do, before I drink 

4. Remember, I got to keep 
my eyes open!! 

Danielle Grenier 

Captains: Carissa Cicolini, 
Victoria Bonneau, Rebecca Caterino, 
Jenna Bueno 
Coach: Peter Kitsos 

B©t|s ijorsuty Soccer 


Cooper Brown, Lane Nickerson, Jeffrey Bajor, Luis Guerrero, Kevin 
Dunn, Josh Pappas, Kevin Lima, Carlos Abreu, Taylor Jacoby, Jeffrey 
Lefourneau, Ryan Barry, John Crane, Matt Gordon, Derek 
McDonough, Kevin Echeverry, Avery Alfavesfa, Ahmed Fathi, Nick 
McAloon, Matt Fillipon, Matt Dushame, John Sullivan, Nick Bonneau, 
Elias Nammour, Donald Bibbo, Leo Casssanelli, Roberto Bonilla, Toni 
Khouri, Chris Mendoza, Guillermo Rivera, Jonathan Lariviere, Michael 
Morris, Djouby Maitre, Esfalin Guerrero 

Lane Nickerson Leo Cassanelli 

Cooper Brown Taylor Jacoby 

Not Pictured: 
Elias Nammour 



Grcrfc Cross C®turfri| 

Katisha Bellegarde, Adriana Diaz, Lindsey Hamblet, Petty 
Kim, Nikki Tran, Chrystal Cedeno, Katelyn Tully, Brittany 
Cayer, Nancie Shelton, Sheila Sylvester, Courtney Craig, 
Marwah Haq, Mariana Pietrangelo, Arabella Rios, Hannah 
Tarr, Deandra Deremer, Tiffany Nieves, Taylor Conway 

1 . Sophomore Nancie Shelton 
powers past her Andover rival. 

2. Sophomore Chrystal Cedeno 
shows her strength. 

3. Junior Lindsey Hamblet runs 
ahead of the competition. 

4. Junior Brittany Cayer is a 
fierce competitor. 

5. Freshman Courtney Craig 
leading the JV team. 

Captains: Petty Kim and 
Katisha Bellegarde 
Coaches: Kevin Alliette, Bill 

Bo&js Cross Comcfcnf 

; Casey Barnacle, Lucas Bergeron, Cam Kelley, Kyle Moschetto, Kyle Sheehan, 
lAnthony Andronaco, Ronnie Andronaco, Conor Clark, Matt Fehmel, Joshua 
Gangi,Tom Kubiszewski, Lucas Parsons, Nathan Blazon-Brown, Geoff 
Gosselin, Brian Gregg, Austin Gunter, Aaron Labrecque, Angel Lopez, Erik 
^Maillet, Adam Neel, James Nicosia, Robinson Nunez, Mike O'Donnell, London 
Torres, Jake Branchaud, Mark Carito, Zack Cloutier, Trevor Desimone, Andrew 
Le, Derek Lyons, Jeff Parent, Tyler Guzman, Julian Sanchez, Erik Torbio, Nathan 
Bueno, Mike Norberto, Mike Mouawad 

Captains: Cam Kelley, 
Coaches: Kevin Alliette, Bill 


Cam Kelley 

Lucas Bergeron 

Casey Barnacle Kyle Moschetto 

1 . Junior Lucas Parsons always 
puts the competition in the hurt 

2. Senior Kyle Moschetto has no 
competition as he rounds the 
final turn. 

3. MVP Michael O'Donnell, as 
usual, outicking someone. 

4. Captain Cam Kelley shows 
what it takes to be a champion. 

5. Sophomore Adam Neel is 
relieved to cross the finish line in 
the top 5. 



Nick Buote 

Steven Dussault 

Seniors not pictured: Nate 


3D st 'v « n 




Bn 11 

(From left to right): 

Matt Corsaro, Pat Hambleton, John Pierce, Dylan Doucette, Steve 

Dussault Jake Hulme, Tyler Murphy, Nick Buote, Parshwa Khambati 

(Not Pictured): 

Nate Connors, Curtis Leblanc 

1 . Tyler Murphy drains this one! 

2. Pat Hambleton shows off his form. 

3. Dylan Doucette is hopeful... 

4. Matt Corsaro watches this one go in! 


Captains: Dylan Doucette, Jake Hulme 
Coach: Jeffrey Osgood 


vm Seniors 

Sophia Saba Christina Sullivan 

Tara Leahy 

Emily Boyd 

Emily Boyd, Tara Leahy, Mackenzie Leduc, Audrey MacDonald, 

Sophia Saba Christina Sullivan, Jessica Angelini, Vicky Cohen, 

Ashlee Ferrante, Allie Hawkes, Colleen Heggarty, Stephanie Lind, Alii 

Pisani, Abby Tremblay, Rebecca Anketell, Alyson Arsenault, 

Samantha Cullum, Matti Godek, Lydia Grasso, Lauren Langlois, Hajar 

Laraki, Katie Leahy, Alexandra Pacheco, Cyanna Roig, Alani 

Simmons, Jillian Taschereau, Brooke Wallace, Tara Bihl, Jessica Mackenzie Leduc Audrey MacDonaid 

Dizoglio, Scott DelRossi, Kelly Lennon, Maria Nammour, Siufong Tran 

1. Smile! Swimming is fun! 

2. Scotty gets "Back" to business. 

3. Fly Away Aly! 

4. Race to the finish! 

Captains: Emily Boyd, Tara Leahy, Abby Tremblay 
Head Coach: Jason Smith 
Assistant Coach: Kristen Perraut 
Diving Coach: Alicia Tardugno 





Dan Cormier Steve DiZazzo Sean Whittaker 

Cal Carroll Raudy Minaya Jeff Sadezwicz Jeff McAndrew 


Jason Doyle Kevin Higgins Matt Delmonte 

Phil Barrett Dan Weightman Van Patel 

Tyler Bolduc Bobby Cole Xavier Garcia 

NikkoFerrara MikeEwing James Staples Tim Kong 

Josh Trempe, Bobby Cole, Mike Capomaccio, Evan O'Leary, Kevin Higgins, Jared McAdam, Ben 
Robertson, Bobby Blanchard, Josh Baez, Eric Lacroix, Colin Langford, Kyle Charette, Cal Carroll, 
Mike Dion, Ryan Freeman, Ryan Doyle, Jeff Sadezwicz, Xavier Garcia, Ryan Savastano, George 
Liranzo, Sean Stewart, Jeff McAndrew, Jay Baez, Mike Harper, Jason Doyle, Matt Delmonte, Gio 
Rivera, Steve Lilja, JT Bowler, Brian Sim, Ed Wallace, Matt Whittaker, Kevin Nickerson, Van Patel, 
James Lambert, Mike Ewing, Nick Davolio, Jake Fabrizio, Sean Whittaker, Tom Ferris, Jack Khoury, 
Anthony Giorgio, Dan Weightman, Derek Feole, Dan Cormier, Mike Bouhabib, Tyler Bolduc, Dan 
Miller, Charbel Diab, Steve DiZazzo, Anthony Sanchez, Nikko Ferrara, Chris Viger, Matt Nieves, Phil 
Barrett, Dicky Aziz, David Hopwood, Jarod Smith, Corey Sheperd, Nick Powers, Raudy Minaya, Billy 
Parker, James Staples, Harley Kaiser, Jacob Declercq, Mike Molloy, Ben Maccarone, Tim Kong 

Captains:Steve Dizazzo, Cal Carroll, Sean Whittaker, 

Mike Harper 

Coach: Patrick Graham 

Assistant Coaches: Al Pare, Tim Silva, Mike Marshall, 

Thomas Tone, Kevin 

Ben Maccarone Mike Harper Brian Sim 

"Stflll * ; to*S. If/ -f8 '/ 

h **& 

1. Lets Go Rangers!! 

2. "Brothas" 

3. Sideline Faithful 

4. Off to the races! 

5. Keep going Delmonte! 

6. "Core" 













* A -r 



f M-\l<9clwj{ 


Elizabeth Rapoza-Rosario 

Rebecca Armstrong, Lindsey Garcia, Sofia Giordano, Lauren Loffredo, 
Nicole Maillet, Katie Myers, Elizabeth Rapoza-Rosario, Terrena 
Scannell, Jessica Silvera, Chelsee Sweeny, Amanda Aziz, Rebeka 
Costa, Tatum Hajjar, Brittany Getchell, Chantel Soucy, Rebecca, 
Michelle Mezzetti, Madison Valentino, Angelina Rogers, Abby 
Galloway-Burke, Samantha Donovan 

Lindsey Garcia Chelsee Sweeny 

Rebecca Armstrong 

Jessica Silvera 


Lauren Loffredo 

1 . Chantel Defending Our Goal! 

2. Chelsee Sweeny passes to 

another player. 

3. Lauren dribbling to the net. 
4. Rebecca taking her shot! 

Captains: Lauren Loffredo, Rebecca Armstrong 
Coach: Karen McLaughlin 


Heather Trepanier Chelsea Trask 

Davena Phoeung Nick Licciardi 

Tabitha Houle Ingrid Acevedo 

Christina Itarelli Noelle Travers 

affi Cfoatetaq 

Tabitha Houle, Noelle Travers, Davena Phoeung, Chelsea 
Trask, Nick Licciardi, Christina Itarelli, Ingrid Acevedo, 
Heather Trepanier, Hannah LaBrecque, Samantha White, 
Christina Scionti, Abby Case, Keana Melendez, Carolyn 
Keizl, Haley Donohue, Marissa Shaw, Cameron Spearman, 
Shawna Carroll, Madelyn Wallace, Shelby Walsh, Rachael 


1. Shelby Walsh cheering on 
our football players. 

2. Lets go Big Blue!! 

3. Tossing Shelby Walsh in 
the air. 

4. Pictures before the game. 
Let's go Rangers!! 

Captains: Noelle Travers and 
Tabitha Houle 
Coach: Alexis Battle 


tauter Ctertetuq 

Noelle Trovers, Chelsea Trask, Davena Phoeung, Nicholas 
Licciardi, Christina Itarelli, Hannah LaBrecque, Samantha 
White, Cameron Spearman, Carolyn Keizl, Keana 
Melendez, Abby Case, Christina Scionti, Kendall Denose, 
Shelby Walsh, Madelyn Wallace, Sarah Wachowiak, Alexis 
Gilardi, Kelsey Halloran, Morgan Murphy 

[Captains: Chelsea Trask, Noelle 


( Coach: Alexis Battle 


Christina Itarelli Noelle Travers 

Nicholas Licciardi Davena Phoeung 

Chelsea Trask 


1 . Christina Itarelli, Cameron Spearman, Abby 
Case, and Chelsea Trask cheering the varsity 
boys on Senior Night. 

2. Varsity cheerleaders practicing their 
competition pyramid before their halftime 

3. Captains Chelsea Trask and Noelle Travers 
leading a sideline cheer against Central 

4. Sophomores Cameron Spearman, Abby 
Case, and Samantha White warming up a 
double twisting stunt. 

5. Senior Davena Phoeung, junior Hannah 
LaBrecque, and freshman Sarah Wachowiak 
cheering on the varsity boys against Haverhill. 

^jtJB 1 ** 




: 4 j- 




1 . J.V wrestlers running a table at 
Methuen Invitational. 

2. Mike Golio going for the tiger claw. 

3. Christian Monserrat; ready to rumble. 

4. CJ Doherty sticking a scrub. 

5. Anthony Andronaco setting up a 

6. Christian Monserrat using the 
padlock wisely. 

Nick O'Leary, Guillermo Rivera, Kyle Sheehan, Anthony Andronaco, Anthony Blanchi, Scott 
Delrossi, CJ Doherty, Sarith Has, Jack Khoury, Mike Mouawad, Jason Pendergast, Adam 
Sardella, Ryan Savastano, Paul Tommacchio, Ed Wallace, Andrew Bolduc, Charbel Diab, 
Steven Dileo, Ryan Doyle, Kevin Jandreau, Toni Khouri, Aaron Labrecque, Eric Mendoza, 
Michael Norberto, Kyle O'Keete, Giovanny Rivera, Michael Rossi, Nancie Shelton, Paul 
Sughrue, Jimmy Summa, Rafael Caceres, Ben Fitzgerald, Mike Golio, Eli Gonzalez, Alan 
Molina, Christian Monserrat, Luis Perez, Fouad Samara, Luis Sancez, Mike Suzor, Jomar 
Vega, Myles Wright, Anthony Giorgio 

Captains: CJ Doherty, Michael Mouawad, 

Jason Pendergast 

Coaches: Bill James, Justin Homsey 




Casey Barnacle, Matt Bauchman, Jordan Blatti, Brandon Blum, Ryan 
Bradley, Cam Conway, Tom Couture, James Crimmins, Josh Finley, 
T.J. Gannon, Jovanni Geha, Brandon Karmelowicz, Mike Lima, Jared 
McAdam, Dan McAndrew, Chris Milone, Tyler Murphy, Justin 
O'Connor, Dylan Yameen, Tom Moore 

Captains: Casey Barnacle, Tj Gannon 
Coaches: Denny Eagan, John Deveau 


Andrew Custeau 


1 . Jared McAdam, Casey Barnacle, 
and Tyler Murphy stretching. 

2. Standing for the National Anthem. 

3. Brandon Karmelowicz skateing. 

4. Team Huddle. 

5. Chris Milone stopping the puck. 



1 -v?^ 


■ - V> k 




■ '. 

1 101 



Ashley LeBlanc 


1 . Mollie Condon pulls up for a jump-shot. 

2. Courtney Hale cruises by defenders. 

3. Jess and Mollie defend the paint well. 

4. Rangers come together for a game plan. 

5. Beka Costa scans court for open pass. 

6. Rangers rip ball from the hands of 

Back: Kristie Erickson, Murphy Carroll, Amanda Petrow, Ashley 
LeBlanc, Abby Galloway-Burke, Mollie Condon, Courtney Zacharias 
Front: Madison Carroll, Jessica Rader, Rebeka Costa, Courtney Hale, 
Kristen Kislowski 

Captains: Ashley LeBlanc, Rebeka Costa 
Coaches: Karen McLaughlin, Brendan 



Cal Carroll, Michael Gorman, Raudy Minaya, James Staples, Jarvis 
Castro, Kevin Higgins, Derek Rodriguez, Corey Shepherd, Jake 
Getchell, Kyle Mansour, Ryan Freeman, Nathan Bueno, Robinson 
Nunez, Tyler Rheault, Edward Rodriguez 

James Staples, Kevin Higgins, Raudy Minaya, Cal Carroll, 
Michael Gorman, Jarvis Castro, Tyler Rheault 

Captain: Michael Gorman 
Coach: Richard Barden 


1 . Cal Carroll splitting the defense. 

2 Kyle Mansour ripping down the rebound. 

3. James Staples playing shut down defense. 

4. Raudy Minaya exploding to the rim. 

5. Michael Gorman running the point. 



Mouad Tablouti 

Hans Almanzar, Stephen Arsenault, Tyler Bolduc, Kyle Charette, Daniel Cormier, Mike Ewing, Derek 
Feole, Andre Garcia, Mike Harper, Cameron Kelley, Johan Liriano, Kyle Moschetto, Matthew Moura, Al 
Rohena, Adam Schofield, Brian Sim, Mouad Tablouti, Jensy Tapia, Sean Whittaker, Joe Abourlzk, Jesj 
Allen, Ronald Andronaco, Joshua Baez, Gregory Barysky, Branden Bolduc, Mike Capomaccio, Conor 
Clark, Jake Conway, John Crane, Steven Dostie, Dylan Doucette, Keith Erickson, Matt Fehmel, Josh 
Gangi, Matt Gordon, Jake Hulme, Eric Lacroix, Stephen Lilja, Angel Martinez, Jean Carlos Mejia, Dann' 
Miller, Andrew Nguyen, Victor Ouellet, Lucas Parsons, Cody Perrault, Thomas Powell, Mike Ralmondl, 
Josh Shellmer, Osualdo Tavarez, Matt Whittaker, Richard Aziz, Angel Baez, Jordan Baez, Jairo Bello, 
Nathan Blazon-Brown, Patrick Bonds, Brian Cook, Jacob Declercq, Geoffrey Gosselin, Luis Guerrero, 
James Lambert, AJ Lopez, Eric Malllet, Brian McGrath, Adam Neel, Mike ODonnell, Francisco Pena 
Perez, Renan Proenca, Robert Scarelli, Anthony Tapia, Samuel Weeks, Bo Armstrong, Luke Aziz, Zach 
Cloutier, Matthew Downing, Matt Fillipon, Tyler Guzman, Lucas Hulme, Collins Kabuthia, Pat Lavln, 
Andrew Le, Brian Lilja, Mike McAloon, Anthony Nguyen, Ruddy Severino, Brian Tran, Cal Williams, 
Joseph Privltera 


1 . Coach Kevin Alliette gives his 
best advice. 

2. Jensy Tapia running the 300 
yard race. 

3. Josh Baez shows 

4. Methuen runners ready to go 


Captains: Cam Kelley, Dan Cormier, Derek Feole, 

Stephen Arsenault, Mike Harper 

Coaches: Roger Fuller, Kevin Alliette 


w l 

til ' •'■ 

1 | 



Lizzy Rosario Lindsey Garcia 

Urstin Alfonso, Charlotta Allard, Rebecca Armstrong, Nicole Baddour, Katisha Bellegarde, Lyndsay Bocsi, 
ishley Bodenrader, Courtney Bradley, Michelle Brooms, Amy Bruneau, Sarah Calauttl, Emily Cantlllon, 
i.rlttany Cayer, Chrystal Cedeno, Jenna Chiavelli, Allison Churchill, Alexa Cicolinl, Nerltssa Correa, Alyssa 
note, Katie Cronin, Yomira Cruz, Danielle Degaspe, Eleana Dizogllo, Jessica Dlzogllo, Paola Gabriel, 
lindsey Garcia, Caileigh Geaghan, Emily Geary West, Bridget Goerke, Mary-Kate Green, Lindsey Hamblet, 
larwah Haq, Veronica Has, Devon Hefferman, Jacklyn Kendall, Allsha Kllei, Madison Langlols, Amanda 
emire, Laury Lora, Nicole Maillet, Jana-Kal Marquez, Lauren McAndrew, Becca Melvin, Alicia Moro, Taml 
Iguyen, Maggie Patti, Sara Patti, Kym Pelletler, Nicole Perez, Skarlet Ramirez, Samantha Robinson, Abby 
locklein, Ashley Rodriguez, Lizzy Rosario, Perrine Sechehaye, Jordan Soucy, Amy Stamatopulos, Meghan 
tewart, Sheila Sylvester, Yessica Traveras, Melissa Vargas, Caltlyn Wallace, Emily Wehring, 

Krlstlna Cotton, Courtney Craig, Gabrlela 
Encalada, Heidi Martinez, Nathaly Mejia, Tiffany 
Sath, Amanda Daniels, Alls Roman, Ashley Tlanl, 
Paige Matthews, Nlcolette Bergeron, Casey 

Rebecca Armstrong 

Perrine Sechehaye 

Captains: Lizzy Rosario, Lindsey Garcia, Emily 
i)antillon, Amy Bruneau, Lindsey Hamblet 
Caches: Tim Osgood, Jeff Osgood, Kevin 


1 . Great Form! 

2. Off to the races! 

3. Am I there yet? 

4. Let's go already! 
5. 1 got this! 



Julia Eliopoulos Mckenzie Leduc 

Kelly Kennedy 


1 . Kelly Kennedy posing on the beam. 

2. Ashley Horan sitting on the beam. 

3. Chelsea Rutherford doing a split. 

4. Julia Eliopoulos doing a handstand on the 

5. Victoria Daigle posing on floor. 


i? 11 K 


Back: Chantel Cornu, Victoria Daigle, Shaley Horan, Cyanna Roig, 
Ashley Horan, Christine Crowe, Courtney Brennan, Shannon Mellen 
Front: Chelsea Rutherford, Kelly Kennedy, McKenzie Leduc, Julia 
Eliopoulos, Savanna Wojciechowski, Sarah Burrous 

Captains: Julia Eliopoulos, Mckenzie 


Coach: Kevin Giendreau 



Courtney Murach, Ashley LeBlanc, Chloe Stopyra, Katie Cronin, 
Allison Eastman, Rachel Saunders, Kristen Kislowski, Casey Scarelli, 
Catherine Cassidy, Jessica Trudel, Nicole Lentine, Courtney Bradley, 
Janelle Crowe, Chloe Stopyra, Nicole Sallese 

Catherine Cassidy Rachel Saunders 


1 . Courtney Bradley is helping the team by 
calling the plays. 

2. Rachel Saunders is getting ready to set a 

3. The Rangers are returning to the court. 

4. Casey Scarelli is serving the ball. 

5. Courtney Murach and Katie Cronin are 
keeping their eyes on the ball. 

Captains: Ashley LeBlanc and 
Courtney Murach 
Coach: Matt Twomey 


Sports Candid 


President: Alyssa Cote 

Vice President: Christian Sosa 

Secretary: Meghan Stapleton 

Treasurer: Victoria Bonneau 

Advisor: James Peirce 

Class President: Ryan Barry 

Vice President: Abby Tremblay 

Treasurer: Gabby Encalada 

Secretary: Cassie Aguiar 

Advisor: Matt Steinberg 


C6ufc cuid Acfctflubus 

Class President: Sydney Littlefield 

Vice President: Simon Tan 

Treasurer: Alicia Moro 

Secretary: Matthew Downing 

Advisor: Jane Shepherd 

The Blue and White school newspaper is a club geared towards 

students who value their own input and opinions on news that's 

happening around the globe, nation, or in the school building. 

Every month, members meet up to discuss current events, 

sports, or other topics ot interest or debate. We applaud each 

group member's effort towards helping make the Blue and 

White a complete success. 

Advisor: Nick Collopy 

President: Jake Fabrizio 

Vice President: Abby Case 

Treasurer: Emily West - Geary 

Secretary: Nancie Shelton 

Advisor: Tracey Ramshaw 


C Us and Accedes 

Science Honor Society 

Advisor: Linda Tanini 

Chamber Choir 

Advisor: Cheryl Mancini 

The National Honor Society is an elite group of 

students who must excel in 4 areas- Scholarship, 

Leadership, Service, and Character. They must have 

a GPA of 3.5 to be considered, and then must 

perform various community and school services to 

be inducted. After they become members, they must 

maintain excellence in the 4 aforementioned areas. 

We have participated in the Methuen Santa Parade, 

many students do tutoring for other students after 

school, 8th grade tours, church services, homeless 

shelters, and nursing home services, and a spaghetti 

dinner fundraiser. 

Advisors: Pat Wentworth, Jacqueline Rubino 


CUs and Actuates 

Advisors: Rebecca Smallidge, Kim Kent 

The science club investigates any curoius 
scientitic, phenomena in the realms ot 
physics, chemistry, biology, or applied 

sciences. We bring things out into the light, 
sometimes by blowing them up! 

Advisor: Dina Katz 


Mr. Harb and the entire Science Department would like 

to thank the students, parents, teachers, school 

administration and all those who helped make the 

science fair such a great success. Each and every 

student was a great representative of Methuen High 

School, and should take pride in their work. This year's 

winners of the Methuen High School Science Fair, 

Kristian Teichert & Lauren Wojtowicz, will also 

represent Methuen High School at the Massachusetts 

State Science Fair at MIT. 

2nd place - Callie Bateson 

3rd place - Parshwa Khambhati & Jake Hulme 

4th place - Katisha Bellegarde & Bansari Patel 

5th place - Christopher Grassi & Ryan Barry 

Advisor: Maureen Melanson 

Concert Choir 


Xa a _ 

R Euy 

W II H BE II If p 

Advisor: Cheryl Mancini 



?s O \J 

r n ^ 

' "'"* i ' i^| 


W *- 1 

1 n B 

| T. • "* -TU 

Ll*s ! trrm 

The Methuen High School Yearbook is open to all 
students in all grades. Editors and staff members are 
responsible for the design, creation, marketing, and 
sales of the Yearbook. Planning begins in the Spring, 
and the editors attend a summer training workshop 
to design the cover and learn the many aspects of 

creating the book. The entire yearbook is created 

online, and all grades are covered. Distribution is 
made to seniors at the Senior Breakfast in May and 

the rest of the students the following week. Many 
successful people have served as yearbook editors 

over the years, including Mr. Nick, who served as 

Ediotr-in-Chief of the MHS yearbook when he was a 


Advisor: Johnetta Hudson 


CMs cud ActutaUs 

114 L 

Opus Bono Historie 


L ? fy|[vL all Yffl 
J w4B 

^ ^ 11 P ° ft a 


i' it*' •• 

W^vlftmi ' ^^BA ^"^^B^^ ■ ^^W 



Advisor: Tim Osgood 

Guitar Club 

; -j 

Advisor: Jonathan Becker 

Advisor: Melissa Tobin 

Gkk ad AtfjJktijs 

Independent Theatre Club 

Independent Theatre Club was started by students in September of 
2007. We meet every Friday and every other Monday after school in 

Rm NW1 4 or the Auditorium. We perform straight plays and 

comedies (no musicals). It is student driven: the actors choose the 

play, set up the rehearsals, direct the playsdo their own make-up, 

props, costumes and set painting. We usually put on the play for the 

public in the late winter or early spring. In the past we have also 

entered a state-wide competition of high school drama clubs. We 

have a core of about a dozen dedicated students that have been 

with us for 3 or 4 years. When we audition for our plays in the fall 

we always meet and cast new members every year. 

Advisor: Adrienne Bonaccorsi 


Adopt - a - Grandparent is a group designed to bring senior citizens and high 

school students of the community together. This organization is open to any high 

school student wishing and willing to interact with senior citizens. Through the 

year, many activities will take place both in and out of school. Some of these 

activities may include: 45s tournaments, shuffleboard, catering a breakfast, 

dancing, jazz concerts, engaging in conversations, and holiday activities. This is a 

community service project that must be taken seriously by its members. Members 

of this grouip must be responsible and respectful of the people around them. As a 

student of Methuen High School, it Is important for each individual to represent 

our school in a positive way and carry our pride into the . Through a collaborative 

effort, we hope to bring together Methuen's eyes of the past with the eyes of the 


Advisor: Jeff Bellistri 

i II I 

. ■ .**-■.: «— --" ;.__ 

. a,. 

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is an extra- 
curricula organization that helps to enhance the business 
students learning environment. DECA's programs and 
activities have constantly evolved as we use the latest 
technology and apply cutting edge educational research. Our 
core focus has remained consistent and is captured in our 
DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for 
careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in 
high school, colleges, and workplaces around the globe. This 
year club members will take part in; fundraising activities, 
district/state/international competitions, and community 
service projects. 

Members: Mike Ewing, Becca Armstrong, Derek Feole, Cody 

Cyr, Evan Cyr, Cat Carroll, Jillian Falardeau, Ashley 

Bodenrader, Matt Femhel, Jeremy Trudel, Cody Perrault 

Advisors: Glen Gaerin, Nicholas Collopy 

CUs (ud ActUXftes 

The Musical this year is Anything Goes. Featuring award winning music by 

Cole Porter, the play tells of a trans-Atlantic voyage from New York to England 

in 1 934. On board are aristocrats, gangsters, revivalists, and stowaways. 

Auditions were open to all MHS students. The performances are slated for 

March 11 and 12,2011. 


Andrew McGinty, Adam Marchand, Lydia Grasso, David LoConte, Paul 

Delabruere, Katie Horan, Olivia Lewis, Andre Solomon, Colleen DeCola, Daniel 

Cormier, Daniel Mulligan, Xavier Garcia, Peter Has, Catherine Cassidy, Jack 

Gregg, Alexandra Sasso, Julie O'Neil, Charlene Claus, Sara Kerr, Elizabeth 

Hajjar, Abby Tremblay, Kerry Molloy, Leah Santone, Amy Kerr, Eleana DiZoglio, 

Mollica Bonn, Maddie Hurst, Amanda Hemond, Allie Hawkins 

Advisor: Laurel McMahon 


Rangerland Preschool enrolls four year old 

children who live in Methuen. The preschool 

allows high school students in Education 1 

to gain experience in teaching preschool 

children. Students work three days a week 

working with the children on their social, 

emotional, cognitive and physical 
development. The other days, high school 

students plan and learn a variety of 

concepts related to preschool children. 

Students in Education 2 assist in the 

business operation of Rangerland. The Early 

Education and care program supports a 

variety of community events. 

Advisor: Anne Marie Merrill 


The mission of Best Buddies is to enhance the lives of people with 

intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-on-one 

friendships. People with intellectual disabilities are often excluded from 

society because of their differences. Best Buddies is determined to end 

social isolation for people with intellectual disabilities by establishing 

meaningful, lasting one-on-one friendships with their non-disabled 

peers. Their friendships help increase self-esteem, confidence, and the 

abilities of people with and without intellectual disabilities. 

Advisors: Carol Cohen, Elaine Ventura 

Senior Class Play 


1 &■ J » 1 

Pf H ^W Uv ^W H ^a^^iJkS 

{ ^ 

The Senior Class Play this year was Bull in a China 

Shop and told the antics of several elderly women 

and their crush on a police detective. Hilarity ensued 

as they used every means possible to meet him! The 

performance was for December 1 0, 201 0. 


Daniel Mulligan, Katie Horan, Colleen DeCola, 

Catherine Cassidy, Julie O'Neil, Elizabeth Hajjar, 

Terrena Scannell, Andrew McGinty, Daniel Cormier, 

Xavier Garcia, Nicole Roberts, Paul Downing 

Advisor: Laurel McMahon 

Drama Club 

r""*~ ,^j^ 

(flfeBii »s?v^ 





w « ^m i 




Drama Club meets weekly on Thursday from 2:00 PM - 

2:30 PM; students play theatre games and do skits. All 

MHS students are welcome. 

Advisor: Laurel McMahon 

Methuen High School's Peer Leadership program Is designed for students who 

wish to be proactive in making positive changes In themselves, their 

community, their educational enviornment, and in others. Peer Leaders 

accomplish this by using positive peer influence to promote social 

responsibility in youth with opportunities to provide community service and 

model pro-social behavior. The Peer Leader Program also serves to strengthen 

the self-esteem of the student by providing them with leadership experience 

and an opportunity to play a meaningful role in the lives of others. Some of the 

activities that the Peer Leaders are involved in include (but are not limited to): 

1 . Food collection and Donation to the Lazarus House 2. Promotion of 

alternative Drug-Free school and community activities 3. Senior Citizen 

Olympics 4. Student activity open house 

Although all students are welcome to participate In the program, it Is expected 

that they adhere to the guidelines of the student handbook and are willing to 

follow the ideals of a drug-free, violence-free school and present themselves 

as role models to their peers. 

Advisor: Laurel Bakker 


CUs od. ActiMts 


Books and Bagels 



! ® 



n A^ ft 4flA.S»SAf 


1HI\i^nTri *• 

If you like bagels, a good book, and lively conversation to 

start your day, then Books & Bagels is your kind ot club. Any 

student conjoin; all you need is a love of reading and the 

willingness to participate in the student led book discussion. 

B & B members meet monthly in the media center, eat 

bagels and discuss the student chosen book of the month. 

Our goal is simple: Have Fun and Read a Good Book! 

Advisors: Paula Cross, Maria Mastracola, and Margaret 

Photography Club 

21 UmBa ^ 

ML w^ wk^Bk W 

Ti *H^^^ 

W ^^ 

Meets Tuesday at 2:00 (most Tuesdays depends on the co- 
presidents) in AR4. Students should plan for about 20 - 30 
minutes of club meeting. They will need to provide their own 
transportation home. This is a low key, student club (elected 
officers) that is teacher monitored. This is a photo critique 
discussion club, not a photo-taking club. Students do not have to 
own a camera, but should have means to take photos and bring 

them into the club for discussion. This club does not use the 

darkroom. You do not have to have taken a photography class. 

You will have access to computers for digital photo use. Students 

may even compare some of their work to master photographers. 

Photo club is for those students really serious about making artsy 

and perfect photos. We may take photos for the yearbook, attend 

after-school field trips, and contribute/volunteer for Community 

Events. The purpose of Photo Club is to learn how to take better 

photos, enjoy a friendly social interaction with students that like to 

take photos, and have common Interests. 

Advisor: Amy Perrault 


Advisor: Martha Schaefer 


The MHS Key Club is a service program for all students here at 

MHS that teaches leadership through serving others. The MHS 

branch is focused on improving their school and the Greater 

Lawrence Community in connection with the Kiwanis Club of 

Greater Lawrence. 

Advisor: Matt Steinberg 

Mock Trial 

M A "j ^^a^ Jt^Mm*. 


.<* J ?■ 


Advisor: Jonathan Becker 

Apple Pi 

Members: Jessica Rizkallah, Paul Downing, Elaine Mancini 

"Exploring the relationship of that which surrounds us to that 
which connects us." 

Literary Advisor: Jeremy Adams 

Artistic Advisor: Karen Fitzgerald 


CSufc and Acfcufcfcus 

Students Against Destructive Decisions 

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) is a group 

of students who have made the decision to keep away 

from drugs and alcohol and live healthy lifestyles. We do a 

lot of community service and fundraising as well as 


activities such as hiking and having cookouts. 

A <■* A 

A A 

IT Py 

Advisor: Jacqueline Rubino 


The multicultural club "voices of the cultures" is a 

grassroots movement that was founded by the 

Class of 2007, they felt the need to develop a peer 

support system and guidance services for students 

that are new to the country, come from a different 

culture, and/or are new to Methuen High School. 

This group encourages and promotes individual 

self-awareness and growth by learning more about 

their own culture and heritage. At the same time, 

students also learn to embrace other cultures other 

than their own. The group strives to improve the 

student/staff relationships to create a better 

understanding of multicultural awareness; thus 

creating an enviomment that celebrates the 

diversity that is represented at Methuen High 

School. The goal of this group is to provide 

students and staff with the means and support to 

share information, build a more collaborative effort 

and initiative, creating and achieving a more 
positive culture and spirit at Methuen High School. 

Advisor Claudia Venegas 


C Us and ActiD'dojs 


Girls Choir 

Advisor: Cheryl Mancini 

Advisor: Cheryl Mancini 

Philosophy Club 

Advisors: Joe McAlevey, Martha Schaefer 



Honor Societ 

Induction Ceremony 

Seniors: Ramy Al-Taweel, Callie Bateson, Tori Bonneau, Sarah Boyd, Emily 
Boyd, Hailey Brunette, Jenna Bueno, Emily Cantillon, Matthew Charette, Robert 
Cole, Nathaniel Connors, Dan Cormier, Alyssa Cote, Kaitlyn Cottone, Colleen 
DeCola, Paul Downing, Julia Eliopolous, Jackie Flynn, Jessie Flynn, Casey 
Fowler, Lindsay Garcia, Sofia Giordano, Sara Grams, Elizabeth Hajjar, Mike 
Harper, Jacklyn Kendall, Rebecca Kwakye, Brandon LaPorte, Ashley LeBlanc, 
Shannon Loconte, Lauren Loffredo, Zlata Myshchuk, Elias Nammour, Julie 
O'Neil, Victoria Pekarski, Sarah Privitera, Terrena Scannell, Kara Spooner, Oliver 
Thibault, Gabrielle Tisbert 

Advisors: Patricia 
Wentworth, Jacqueline 
Rubino (not pictured). 

^^^H flu JUfiH | 

WM£i w 4 


Senior Achievements 

Soar AuJad \D\mbxs-. 


1 II 




1; ' 



^^IfijvITFiJjTi Iki^I 

1 -* '.a 




Science fair 

'' 'fiffr-i K8 Met 

£^^^^ , ! 1st place 

M . ( ;< ^ Lauren Wo 

a » 

"he winners are: 

- Kristian Teichert & 

2nd place - Callie Bateson 
3rd place - Parshwa 




4th place - Katisha Bellegarde 
& Bansari Patel 

5th place- Christopher Grassi 
& Ryan Barry 


? , *"i 







IT- , 






-6i * 

li.* -I 

'to 1 


ill ^ ■ 

djL ■ - ■ 


Cast List: 

Elisha J. Whitney - Andrew McGinty 

Purser McKane - Adam Marchand 

Charlene (reporter) - Lydia Grasso 

Cameraman - David LoConte 

Sir Evelyn Oakleigh - Paul Delabruere 

Mrs. Wadsworth T. Harcourt- Katie Horan 

Hope Harcourt -Olivia Lewis 

Bishop Henry T. Dobson - Andre Solomon 

Reno Sweeny - Colleen DeCola 

Billy Crocker- Daniel Cormier 

Moonface Martin - Daniel Mulligan 

Ching-Xavier Garcia 

Ling -Peter Has 

Bonnie - Catherine Cassidy 

Captain -Jack Gregg 

Chastity- Charlene Claus 

Virtue- Julie O'Neil 

Charity - Alexandra Sasso 

Maude - Sara Kerr 

Steward - Elizabeth Hajjar 

Drunk -David LoConte 

First Girl - Abby Tremblay 

Second Girl - Kerry Molloy 

Third Girl - Leah Santone 

Sailors - Peter Has, Xavier Garcia, David 


Passengers - Mollica Bonn, Eleana 

DiZoglio, Amanda Hemond, Maddie Hurst, 

Amy Kerr, Judy Tran, Alani Simmons 

Dancers - Mollica Bonn, Eleana DiZoglio, 

Lydia Grasso, Amanda Hemond, Kerry 

Molloy, Judy Tran, Abby Tremblay, Alani 






«. ♦ 



1 1 1 

1 '! HCO ' 

■ 1 ( 1 ^^^^H 

■ft* Hfl 

^■B . \ ^A ^ "~ 

^1 VI^^^Hv 

i' Hi ■ 




Soffew^rc Editor.- Tojufat 

Senusr Ecb©rs:Saroi Cr©tiqtoA 

tfearfo®4 staff wmks-. TifSer G-erOasU&. <(ai>e "Peters. Sored Crstu^jM. Sarai 
B©<fct {essiaT^w, {oskjiT^m 

^©t pictured.- Tcajfor LauJtoiu Coxh^I&h, Jessica ^uz^ai I^Wica 
^uziaMa Step flxw-e Sa*ttawaria. « -t^seif T©y 

vPitas: Astoj Tutewaf. 32acMif 

MXs&t: ^©tetta4kds©*v 

Eduters - uv - (fcf : {ok 

kertainly a bumpy ride for vear 
wnmittee, but in the end 
h. Congratulations to the 
.Hudson, and my fellow 
ellent Yearbook, without 
t have been possible. 

I want to thank everyone for what they 
did to help the yearbook, you all know 
who you are. I also want to say to the 
staff that we did a great job on the 
yearbook, and that I wish you luck next 

- jac&LeTfyyv 


A uterd ©| ttoik. 

Tto is qetixUb w4er sly for m\ 3 om qrotifdfaifa opportunity ikoh OJJwMstiotim to qitfen tviet© uHwb itH'ddb mx staff and 
students. 3 toe 6©0ed and enj©ifed Qi)ax\\ wjiute ©f It, and v9 \jJmM &let©tto& ei)erij©ne f©r tft/zir support ©Oer ttfU past seilen ijears. 


'$©©4 staff to puttoqetier (jour ^juq^sc^^wiewsrUs, aid w^ 

u?e uJere At© p\Mifa £011 i|ear#©©&t©qe<ier. T^ ifear6oo& staff coxSd not toe done it ufti&outtflue 
support ©f ©or adivwiistratsrs, facwity, staff, andt^ entire student fecty 

IMjL£to#T}©u?ns, uta atr©©per! Wa u?antt©tto& ifon f©r tfouj assistance cud quldoice. Wz uHmkl 6liet©tto^'(ie rest ©f mx 

cidMiAisfcratiile staff f©r Sistenlnq t© aid c©©peratinq ullii us. ®ux dys/©r qcinizafcisns adiXs©rs, f©r encmraquq ttor wWlers t© 8e a 

part ©{ ©or Sastuiq Mewi&ries. Th Media center creu? - Maria VHjOstr©c©(!a, Wlarqaet M©<f mtou 'Paia Cr©ss aid T>ai)e S toeen, f©r 

afclnq us to Uiladettor space, quDrnq us ttor daiity suf p©rt and patience. 3b is aviazinq imJ <[©i| Sanfc©r© cav tviujStLtas^ ufttd a£& 

s^ d©es and stuSS/ finds timet© assist us. Efidle Slcard f©r d©ttlnq mx is and cr©ssinq mx t's. T^aujSa Greorqe f©r a^ttee sp©rts 

neute. \os<m La^polnte, f©r cotvmtfcinq toseSf to purctoinq a ifear#oo& i|ear after ifectr. T>ai)ld TaWan (Tcu&f) f©r deduxsfcinq 
tosefift© qetfcuiq eOerif piece ©f our packtqes t© us. fljlci Codfiopif Bii& Sltoer, and <|ui>le C#j©pas for tto c©ntlnuj©us tectea^ sup pork 

(pur retirees, f©r ttor tviauj tjears of service! 

T© mx istidjws u&o a2s© serfle as coaches - ^ictod Baden, \ef ©sqood fason SmiL <£ei)ln A^lette, Towi T©ne, and Teeter 

<Hlts©s; captains and p2a|ers - C©©per BrowJm ZoM>klMii\, Braov Sum Ed ti9a$!ace, Lauren L©ffred©, ^eHecca Arivistr©nq, 
Ta&4to4|©uJ2e, tyoeSk Tracers, jas©n'Penderqast, Casetf Banaie, As^j LeBSaio, %lh (^©rtviai, axd ju&a E2i©p©2©us, for 

a6u?a|s uAiqfy fiJlnq In mx Uhs Int^ sp©rts sectl©n 

T© w\ u?©nderfuj2/ staff, t^zre ae not vumqL iA?©rds t©ttoi i^©x f©r (M ^mx tod u?©r^ and patience. 3 toe (Seen (Messed vJ'dJL a tod 

uJ©r4l>iq and dei)©tedteOvitto ifear. 3 toe a2s© iodih ©pp©rtwicb| to u5©r^ uJud m\ c©-edct©rs-i>v-c^ef, '(aie'Peters and jacke 

Tfynn and ivuf senior editors, Saai CrmqlitftM aid Jessie T^nn ©Oer ijfa, 2ast {our ijears. ^9 an Oviazed &( to t^ese students toe 

o qrou^n uf , tviatured and u?©r^ed s© tod ©Oer ih 6ast f©xr i|ears. ®vx s©p^©M©re edct©r, Taj2©r, l_au?t©n and ifa wmkxs ©f our staff vJl® 

^inq int^ere v3tfL us - kUsu\ To^, ^essiai^izkiW, Carfia^l^oder, Step toile SantOAOria, SaalBotjd Ti^Ser G-erOasu©, 

and yi/bonica^izkiSfiai Qux interns, As^j TtCotv^ and ^acMf ^Ovtos u^j© u?©rled tod afonqside ©xr editors and staff and 

uM ©Oer t^ tviuSe f©r us! Aqauv, ttois to w\ entire staff (or a siiccessfuj& uea! 

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C©nqratuj2ati©tis ctoss of £011 ~ 3 u^isi i|©x oB a Sriqfct future! 

'(o^ietta S. -ijudson 



Bobby Cole 



We are so proud 

of you and all that 

you have 


We wish you a 

future full of love, 


success and good 


The best is yet to 


Love you always, 
Mom, Dad, 
Joe & Bailey 




^R0 I 

v y \ 

HKk uD 

I j^HBHkI 


^ t 



Once a little girl 
playing dressup and 
now a beautiful 
woman with a cap and 
gown. Always keep 
your child's heart and 
be true to yourself. 
We Love U 

Britney Haney 


You light up a room & 

never cease to amaze us. 

You keep people on their 
toes with your crazy & 
spirited personality. You 
speak with certainty & 
reply with witty 

You know who you are & 
have never questioned it. 


Keep laughing girlfriend - 
We Love You, Mom, 
Dadjared, Riley & Astro 


Congratulations! We 
are so proud of you! 
We love you very much 
and wish you much 
happiness & success in 
the years ahead! Love, 
Mom, Dad & Sarah 

Since 1913 

Voted Best of Methuen/ Lawrence Both Categories Best Bakery and Best Pizza 2010 

Wedding Cakes & Party Cakes: all occasions (We create Edible photos!) 

Complete line of Pastries: Cannoli, Lobster tails, Tiramisu, Cheesecake & more 

Breads:Italian, wholewheat, sour dough, ciabatta & more 

Italian Cookie & Mini Pastry Platters 

Pizza — Meat & Spinach Pie 


(behind Fuddrvicker's World Famous Hamburgers) 

Standard Bakery Hours 6am — 7pm 

Tel. 978-682-7754 

Salisbury, MA 


Lawrence, MA 

(Full Line Bakery) 


WWW..trip oliba kerv'. cc>m 

Seabrook, NH 

(bread, pastry, pizza) 




General Manager 
MHS Class of 1982 


"We Make Ants Say Uncle" 

General Pest & Termite Control 

«#** #4»» #** #«*• #*»•. #■*» *»»• #<■*»' #fN ^«" 

Courtney Nicholson 
Operations Manager 



A Division of Pest-End, Inc. 

Pest End, Inc. 
Bedbug Scent Detection 

rofessional m Thorough s Confider 

Sniffing in MA & NH 






Hanshi Larry F. Giordano, 9th Dan 

70A Bonanno Court 
Methuen, MA 01 844 
www. meth uenkarate. com 

Tel: 978-683-4287 


Gymnastics <&c Dance 

" Experience The Difference" 
Babies • Mom A Tot • Preschool 
Beginner to Advanced - All Ages 
Competitive Teams - Boys & Girls 
Summer Camps • Birthday Parties 

_ __ ^__ •:-:-.;.;.::s;.:.:::.::3.::." 

5 Burnham Rd. Methuen, MA 01844 

(978) 688-8939 


Methuen High 
Class of 201 









Toby Canham/Getty Images for Extra 

C *A 






i Marc Serota/Getty Images 


Brian Kersey/Getty ImagJ 

Hiud Kill 

AP Photo/Houston Chronicle. Karen Warren 

Ffiullying hurts 
% ALL of us! 

Mike Stobe/Getty Images for New York Red Bull 


Alcorn/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

'A * • W 






. • • 





John Moore/Getty Images 

Mer-ick Morton/OCofumbia Picturea/Courteay Everett Collection 

Staff Sergeant Salvatore 
Giunta, a 25-year-old Army 
staff sergeant who served in 
Afghanistan, is the first living 
recipient of the Medal of 
Honor since 1976. 

John Moore/Getty Images 


EMunnuoM 11 finog 

Alaska Senator Lisa 
Murkowski is re-elected 
as a write-in candidate. 

Not long after North Korean 
leader Kim Jong II fires 
at the South Korean 
island of Yeonpyeong, 
he names his youngest 
son as his successor. 

-~il\ \ 

Individuals and businesses affected by 
the Deepwater Horizon oil spill submit 
official claims for costs and damages 
with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. 

AP Photo/US Coast Guard. File 

Getty images 

President Obama signs H.R. 3590. the Patient Protection and 
Affordable Care Act. The 2.400-page law is aimed at improving 
health care coverage and lowering costs. 

O Teen Driver Fatal 
Gashes Drop 

Teen driver fatalities 
decrease, thanks in 
part to graduated driver 
licensing (GDL) programs. 
Motor vehicle crashes 
remain the leading cause 
of death for teens. 

To promote healthy family habits, First Lady Michelle Obama 
appears in multimedia Public Service Announcements with 
Disney Channel stars for Disney Magic of Healthy Living. 

Despite attempted Thanksgiving holiday protests, airports 
across the U.S. implement full body scanners to screen airline 
passengers for possible weapons and explosives. 

B8*w*'- i 


;" * » ' &K)t 


■mK j^k aiP'Wj&SzM 

^k 1 * 

^1 ^B sEV^—^lB 


■ 4M 




^^ .^--""^ ~m ' d ; ^ 


!_,_, ^ Srr^* 

The world celebrates as 
33 miners from Chile's San 
Jose Copper-Gold mine are 
safely rescued after spending 
two months trapped 700 
meters underground. 

David Paul Morris/Getty Images 

A new law aimed at fast food 
marketing in San Francisco 
requires that kids' meals meet 
nutritional standards before 
they can be sold with toys. 

Spencer Platt/Getty Images 

Emerging from bankruptcy, 
General Motors is profitable 
again. The company raises 
$20.1 billion in the largest 
global initial public offering 
(IPO) in U.S. history. 

Sean Gallup/Getty Images 

After protests in favor of 
democracy peaked in the 
streets of Cairo, Egyptian 
President Hosni Mubarek 
steps down. 

Samir Hussein/Wiretmage 

Britain's Prince William and 
Kate Middleton announce their 
engagement in November 
2010. They plan to marry 
in 2011. 


The Washington Post/Contributor 

IS In IS fm m IS 

Mission shows 
amazing images of 
comet Hartley 2, 
23 million miles 
away from Earth, in 
November 2010. 

Wind turbines become more 
prevalent. The emergence 
of "wind farms" signals the 
beginning of what could be a 
wind energy boom. 

AP Photo/Zina Deretsky, National Science 

An 8.8 magnitude earthquake 
in Chile shifts our planet's 
axis by about three inches 
and shortens the Earth day 
by 1 .26 millionths of a second. 

Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images 

The Environmental Protection 
Agency investigates how to 
manage and regulate tracking, 
a process used to release the 
natural gas trapped under 
dense rock. 

AP Photo/Kyoto Ur i-.'oNews 

The black kokanee, a species 
of freshwater salmon thought 
to be extinct for 70 years, 
is found living in a lake near 
Japan's Mount Fuji. 


Katy Perry's headline- 
grabbing wedding to Russell 
Brand and her controversial 
Sesame Street appearance 
overshadow the release of her 
new album, Teenage Dream. 

Aslrid Staw i arz/Ge tty I mages 

"Na Na Na," by My 
Chemical Romance, is a 
popular punk anthem. It's 
included in the Rocktober 
track pack for Guitar Hero: 
Warriors of Rock. 

Rick Diamond/Getty Imag 

Genre-spanning Christian 
artist Francesca Battistelli 
releases a new album, 
Hundred More Years. The first 
single is "This Is the Stuff." 

Jackie Evancho, the 10-year- 
old soprano who came to 
fame on America's Got Talent, 
releases a bestselling holiday 
CD/DVD titled O Holy Night. 

Mike Coppola/FilmMagic 

Country supergroup 
Lady Antebellum took 
home five Grammy awards, 
including Song of the Year 
and Record of the Year. 

Kevin Mazur/TCA2010/Wirelmage 



ft *ft 

'- ~-w 


Bobby Ray Simmons, also known as B.o.B.. sees 
his second single, "Airplanes." soar to the top of 
the charts in the U.S. and the U.K. 

Travie McCoy 

Travie McCoy, of 
Gym Class Heroes, 
releases his first 
solo album. The lead 
< single. "Billionaire," 

:. goes double platinum 

and tops the U.S. 
., ._,. and U.K. charts. 

3 Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift's Speak 
Now is the first 
release by a female 
artist since Britney 
Spears to sell more 
than 1 million copies 
in its first week. 

Miranda Lambert receives a record-breaking nine CMA 
nominations. She wins three trophies, including Album of the 
Year for Revolution and Female Vocalist of the Year. 





Brad Paisley takes home the Country Music - Favorite Male 
Artist award from the American Music Awards and the CMA 
Entertainer of the Year Award. 

Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images 




Google CEO Eric Schmidt 
gives a talk about how 
Google TV will unite web 
surfing with channel surfing. 

This is definitely not your 
father's boom box. The 
latest MP3 technology 
combined with 1980s styling 
make this machine a must 
for modern parties. 

Black Ops, the seventh 
installment in the Call of Duty 
game series, sells a record- 
breaking 7 million copies in 
the first 24 hours of its release. 

A new generation adopts the 
retro bean bag chair. This 
updated classic is ideal for 
watching television, playing 
games, reading and keeping 
up with social media. 

The Lost Hero, the sequel 
to his Percy Jackson & the 
Olympians series, author 
Rick Riordan introduces 
three new characters: 
Jason, Piper and Leo. 

Ramin Tataie/Bloomberg via Getty Images 

Suzanne Collins publishes Mockingjay, the third 
and final book in her popular science fiction series, 
The Hunger Games trilogy. 

Rock Band 3 

Featuring a new 
keyboard and 83 songs, 
Rock Band 3 is released 
worldwide. Its Pro mode 
mimics the experience of 
playing real instruments. 


You don't need a controller to play the newest 
technology games. The Xbox Kinect features a 
sensor that can read motion, faces and voices. 

A new, motion-sensing controller debuts for the PlayStation 3 
console. The Move is a Bluetooth wireless wand. Players can 
use up to four at once. 

Younger kids get their very own dance video game. Just 
Dance Kids challenges Wii players to master more than 
40 dances led by real kids. 

Ralph Orlowski/Bloomberg via Getty Images 


Mike Stobe/Getty Images for New York Red Bull 

Coke Boss 

Members of the 
Valastro family, 
of Carlo's Bake 
Shop in Hoboken, 
become popular 
reality television 
stars in Cake Boss 
on TLC. 

The cast of Jersey Shore appears on Barbara 
Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating 
People of 2010. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 


PL m 

J 4 m 

f. 0«r" 

* ■ ^bpj^""^-. 




|JL ^H|^P JR." V 

Donna Svennevik/ABC via Getty Images 

Team Coco rejoices 
as Conan O'Brien 
returns to late night 
television. Conan 
uses Twitter and 
YouTube to 
announce the 
premiere of Conan 
on TBS. 

Life Imitates Qe 

Gleeks are being 
heard! The popularity 
of Glee prompts a 
resurgence of glee 
clubs in middle 
schools, high schools 
and colleges across 
the country. 

Aria, Hanna, Emily and Spencer are back for another season 
of mystery, intrigue and secrets on the ABC suspense drama, 
Pretty Little Liars. 

Minute to Win It, starring Guy Fieri, returns to NBC for a 
second season of fast-paced challenges and cash awards of 
up to $1 million. 

American Idol announces 
that Jennifer Lopez and 
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler 
will join Randy Jackson to 
judge a new crop of aspiring 
singers for Season 1 0. 

Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty Images 

No Ordinary Family is a hit 
ABC drama. After the Powell 
family survives a South 
American plane crash, they 
develop new superpowers — 
and new enemies. 

The Associated Press names 
Betty White, age 88, as its 
Entertainer of the Year. She 
poses for a calendar to raise 
money for animal charities. 

Neil Jacobs/CBS via Getty Images 

§ i#^ 

An iconic, 1960s crime drama 
returns with a cool, new cast. 
Hawaii Five-O chronicles the 
adventures of an elite police 
unit in paradise. 

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images 

A call center for an American 
company is recently 
outsourced to India in the 
NBC comedy hit Outsourced. 

Richard Harbaugh/ABC Family via Getty Images 



In The Social Network, 
Jesse Eisenberg stars as 
Facebook creator Mark 
Zuckerberg, the brilliant and 
abrasive Harvard misfit who 
revolutionized social media. 



Date Night 

A case of 
mistaken identity 
spirals out of 
control when a 
suburban couple 
steals someone 
else's restaurant 
' reservation in the 
action comedy 
Dafe Night . 

I Shia LeBeouf stars as a 
„ young trader who tangles 
|> with Gordon Gekko, a 
5 disgraced financier played 
| by Michael Douglas, in Wall 
Street: Money Never Sleeps. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images tor Disney 

Secretariat, an acclaimed 
feature film, depicts the true 
story of a legendary racehorse, 
the 1 973 winner of the Triple 
Crown of thoroughbred racing. 

Wilson Webb/©Paramount Pictures/Courtesy 
Everett Collection 

True Grit, a mythic Western 
adventure story, earns 1 
Academy Award nominations 
including Best Picture. 

Peter Mountain/©Columbia Pictures/courtesy 
Everett Collection 

/— f 


college? I 
find new 1 

•H* 1 

■ owners go to 
y and Buzz Lightyear 
i challenges. 

How Do You Know 

Reese Witherspoon 
tries to decide 
between Paul Rudd 
and Owen Wilson in 
How Do You Know, 
a romantic comedy 
about a love triangle. 

David James/OCokimbaa Pictures/courtesy Everett Colection 

3 Leonardo 

Leonardo DiCaprio 
is the world's top- 
grossing movie star. 
His 2010 releases 
earn a combined 
$1.1 billion at the 
box office. 

i Vaughan/©Warner 


Loyal fans line up for midnight screenings of Harry Potter 
and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 . The movie makes S330 
million during its first weekend. 

ngelina Jolie is a woman 
of mystery and Johnny 
Depp is an ordinary tourist. 
Or is he? The plot thickens 
in The Tourist. 

John Lamparski/Getty Images 

Amanda Seyfried stars as the title character in Red Riding 
Hood, a romantic horror tale about a medieval village 
terrorized by a werewolf. 

The sequel to a science-fiction thriller from 1982, Tron: Legacy 
follows the adventure of a young man who investigates his 
father's mysterious disappearance. 

Chronicles ofNamia: The 
Voyage of the Dawn Treader 
is a 3D feature film adaptation 
of the third book in the C.S. 
Lewis fantasy series. 

©Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection 

From popped collars to 
Top Siders, prep style 
endures. True Prep shows 
a new generation how it's 
done and what it means. 


Dr. Dre's Monster Beats are state-of-the-art 
headphones that make a strong, street-smart 
fashion statement. They look cool. And they 
sound even cooler. 

Energy Drinks 

Energy drinks are the 
beverage of choice 
among sleep-deprived 
students, despite 
concerns that they 
contain unhealthy levels 
of sugar and caffeine. 

sparkly sequins become 
a major fashion trend when 
Zoe Kravitz and runway models 
are spotted wearing them on 
hats, dresses and tops. 

O Pillow Pets 

Now it's a stuffed 
animal. And now 
it's a pillow. Puffy, 
popular PillowPets '" 
may be the snuggliest, 
softest trend of 
the year. 


Mineral Makeup 

Beauty mavens 
agree: mineral makeup 
rocks. These sheer, 
lightweight, powdery 
formulas are the 
smart alternative to 
gooey, pore-clogging 

Self-expression is always 
in fashion and the right hat 
makes it easy to add panache 
(and hide a bad hair day). All 
you need is a cute fedora or a 
jaunty newsboy cap. 

nere's nothing olive drab 
about this trend. Military 
jackets are snappy, sleek 
and chic — a far cry from the 
oversized Army surplus look 
of yesteryear. 

Get the look with a classic polo, 
distressed skinny jeans and leather 
belt with your favorite treads. 

Parents and foot doctors hate 
them but the flip-flop fad is a 
year-round phenomenon for 
guys and girls alike (except 
during snowstorms). 

Dentists report that more and more teens 
are asking about teeth bleaching procedures, 
especially for photo-op occasions like proms 
or sweet sixteen parties. 

VerQ Bradley BOOS Colorful, quilted Vera Bradley bags are the epitome 
of sorority sister style. Devotees mix and match 
Vera messenger bags, clutches, totes and wallets. 

Go for an edgy, urban look 
in these American Rag Twill 
Skinny Cargos- perfectly 
paired with a belted Cowl 
neck sweater! 

Long, statement necklaces 
are trend-right. Gossip girls 
look luxe with Tiffany-style 
trinkets. Layered, chunky, 
vintage baubles create an 
alt-rock, art school vibe. 

Boots go to great lengths. 
Over-the-knee styles are 
seen everywhere from 
runways to red carpets. 
Trendsetters wear them 
with short skirts or 
slim leggings. 

Everybody needs an afternoon snack but nobody has 
time for milk and cookies. The newest granola bars 
deliver easy energy between lunch and practice. 



Oprah Winfrey takes on 
dangerous distracted driving 
with her No Phone Zone 
campaign, where celebrities 
and civilians pledge not to 
phone or text while driving. 

) Hanna Barbera/Courtesy: Everett Collection 

The Flintstones celebrate a 
milestone as the modern Stone 
Age family turns 50 on 
September 30, 2010. A 
special Google Doodle marks 
the occasion. 

The BP oil spiil was the top 
topic of 2010, according to 
Yahoo! Here are the year's 
top 1 search terms: 

BP Oil Spill 
World Cup 
Miley Cyrus 
Kim Kardashian 
Lady Gaga 
Megan Fox 
Justin Bieber 
American Idol 

1 0. Britney Spears 

SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images 

High-speed broadband 
devices are on the verge of 
multi-channel high-definition 
TV broadcasting thanks 
to emerging WiMAX 4G 
technology that improves 
image and data capabilities. 


Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images 

via Getty Images 


Old media acknowledges 
the power of new media 
when TIME names 
Facebook founder Mark 
Zuckerberg as its Person 
of the Year for 201 0. 

Disgruntled passengers fight over space in the overhead bins 
as most airlines institute baggage fees ranging from $15 to 
$25 per bag per flight. 

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